I had a child when I was just 16, now I have to pay CSA

May 1, 2012

Hi there, 13 years ago I was 16 I was in a short term relationship with a woman. The relationship ended and 2 month later I found out she was pregnant.

At the time of our relationship I had reason to believe this woman was sleeping around and was desperite to fall pregnant.

She got in touch and said I was the father to which my reply was my soliciters name, address and telephone number. I asked her to have the DNA tests done…she never persued this.

Now 12 year down the line I have a message from her saying that the child is asking who her Dad is and wants me to contact her ASAP.

Obviously this has come as a big shock and I need a little advice on the situation. I do not have any kids at present.

What I want to know is if I am proven to be the childs Father would I be liable for 12 years backdated payments?

I have had no contact with this woman or yourselves for 12 years.

Also what costs are involved and how do we go about getting a DNA test to prove things?

You help would be greatly appreciated.



  • jay. says:

    Have the csa made contact with you? If not the first thing you need to ask is a DNA test, they assess you on the first day they make contact with you, so should not back date it. You need to establish whether your the father, this then stops more heartache further down the line with this little girl.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    First of all, get a DNA test.

    If you are not the father, get on with your life and learn from this experience ie use contraception.

    If you are the father, enjoy being a Dad.
    Of course you should pay for your child!
    If you don’t, who should?
    Pensioners. unemployed, low wage earners, ME?

  • Carol says:

    Like the others have said get a DNA test done to ensure the child is yours. If the test comes back + you will have to pay the relevant amount to the CSA. If you are not then you don’t pay anything.

    CSA won’t backdate maintenance. Have they previously been in touch with you?
    They can only assess from the date you were aware of any claim.

  • Alice says:

    Get a DNA test done as soon as possible.It is in the childs best interests to know who her father is.If you are the father it is only right that you become part of her life.You will only be backdated child support from the date the PWC puts in a claim.The worst case would be if the PWC put you on file years ago and the CSA have not been able to chase you,and the amount owing has increased.Good luck with the case but remember a young childs interests come first.Try and sort out a payment plan with the mother and keep to it and get a record of it through a bank.

  • Carol says:

    CSA can only charge maintenance from when you were first notified of the claim and not from when the application was in place. They cannot backdate it. This may be an argument you would have with them as they say if they post a letter that is sufficient for them to say you were aware of the claim.

  • Lisa says:

    Does any body know how maintenance works if one child lives with the mother and one with the father?

  • Alice says:

    If both parents are claiming child benefit then no monies should be paid.But on that note it could depend on how much each of you get paid in wages.If your ex is the higher earner then you could ask him for money.This happened with us and neither I or the hubbys ex would claim off each other,she only went to the CSA when her son left our home at 18 years and she wanted us to pay for the 17 year girl that lived with her.Luck has it that she turns 19 in October and we are then finished with it (roll on 10th oct).

  • G Southall says:

    my daughter has a seven year old child and the abscent father wont pay any maintenance and the csa say they cant do anything. Could anyone give me some advice please.

  • Alice says:

    The father will not have to pay if he lives abroad,if he lives in a place such has Ireland or France then yes he has to pay.You dont say why the CSA has said they cant do anything.Even the fathers on benefits have to pay £5.00 weekly.My ex went to the USA for 4 years and the csa said they couldn’t touch him.Dont ring the csa to claim,send in the form to make a claim and then they will have to reply to your letter giving details of why they cant carry it through.Dont give up,most NRP ‘s who are on here are paying more than what they should be paying ,and some PWC arent getting any at all.

  • chall says:


    Present Child Support legislation allows the parent in receipt of Child benefit to claim Child Support from the other.

    Therefore, EITHER or BOTH parents can claim child support from the other in respect of the child that lives with them.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • chall says:

    G Southall,

    Need more info if you require an accurate reply…

    There’s a lot more to ‘father’s’ that live abroad ie Habitual residents of the UK, if the Country is in the EU and REMO!

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • chall says:


    As Carol has said, the case will commence with the agency once they have contacted the non resident parent.
    Contact could be by telephone or in writing – letters need to be sent to a confident address.

    You can of course arrange a private DNA test if the CSA are not yet involved. You should keep in mind if the agency become involved at a later date, the results of a private DNA may not be recognised by the agency, unless it has been carried out by one of their preferred companies.
    Once the CSA become involved, you should be given the opportunity to a) deny parentage and b) a DNA test, which the agency will organise at a reduced fee, if your proven to be the parent.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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