I have heard nothing since September

January 11, 2014

My daughter has been living with me since June 2011, I have not had any maintenance payments from father I was told in writing payments would start on Sept 5 2013 but after contacting the CSA I still have heard nothing and I am still paying 100 pound a fortnight to the CSA for my daughter who lives with me.

I owed arrears of 700 but I have paid at least three times that much and canot stop paying as there is an atatchment of earnings and my boss has to take the money from my pay each fortnight. I am being threatened by landlord to take court proceedings as I am in arrears with rent.


  • Mark says:

    I have had similar problems with their lack of response, it took me two years to get a variation to be completed even though I wasn’t earning enough to live on.
    The only way to get this sorted is to make an official complaint and call them at least once per week…Good Luck!!

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