I get the child benefit, can I claim CSA?

August 19, 2012

I have one daughter with my ex fiancee. We have 50/50 custody – all arranged through ourselves (Ive never seeked any proper advice) I claim the tax credits and child benefit but my daughters address for all purposes is his house.

I drive and my ex doesnt so i pick her up frm the childminders and take her to him, I also drive to fetch her from him. He insists on seeing her everday but will not pay towards petrol. I also pay the 450 a month childcare.

I have never ever tried to get money off him as I first thought it would be unfair but he is becoming more difficult. I have simply asked him to help with petrol (considering I pick her up and drop her off to him everyday) Can I claim CSA from him?

Please help 🙁


  • Alice says:

    If you are claiming the child benefit then you can apply to the CSA for payments.It is rather unfair that because you are both having 50/50 care of the child that one of you is going to recieve more money than the other parent,but as you say that you are paying for everything including travel and childcare and he wont pay up ,then make an application and see what happens.Just remember you will go on CSA3 which means both you and your ex will lose money if you go through the CSA because they are trying to get parents to make private agreements.

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