I get paid from Saudi Arabia – can the CSA touch me?

August 26, 2015


After years of hassle with the CSA and my ex wife who denied me access to my kids for many years, the boot is on the other foot (I think)

At end of April 2015, I received a job offer from a Saudi based company so I’m over there working. I’m not paying maintenance at mo and have heard that CSA can’t touch my money as there is no agreement with Saudi.

I’m paid monthly from Saudi into my UK account and have a flat in UK. I don’t plan to spend much time in the UK for the next 2 years.

Does anyone have a view on whether the CSA can touch me?



  • Lisa says:

    If your paid thru a Saudi payroll they can’t touch it and because you work over there the csa case should be closed! Get in touch with the idiots and tell them your out of the country and they will close the case so arrears can’t mount up on your return

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