I fought the CSA and won

November 28, 2010

I was getting hounded by the CSA for money I didnt owe and they wouldnt listen. Just told me i had to pay it. Sure enough I got a court summons through, I called them again, they wouldnt budge, i called the courts they said they coudlnt help. Luckily for me my sister is a lawyer. As soon as I got her involved the case was adjourned, and now they have dropped it altogether saying I now dont owe them any extra money.

Could also have something to do with the fact my solicitor put a data request in and they knew I recorded all phone calls, but I think they were a bit shocked when I informed then that an individual can record any conversation as long as its for their own use and not divulged to a third party, and asked why they kept hanging up on me?

My advice – record everything


  • Jim Rigley says:

    Give us solicitor details…. and well done 🙂

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Well done!!!!

  • Jason Wallace says:

    Well done. Can you tell us the reference that states that one can record conversations?

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Everyone can and should record convo's with these imbeciles, simply tell them you are doing so !

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    Good on you ;0)

  • Adriana Wallis says:

    Well done! The more people do it, the less chances they stand!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    I informed them the very first time I ever rang them and have it recorded that I did. I don't tell each individual person that I am, why should I? If the CSA are bothered then they will tell their staff…

  • Susan Ward says:


  • Maxine Knowles says:

    Good to know that when you are in the right you can fight and win… I guess some people feel like the 'little person' fighting the huge organisation and don't think it's worth it. I'm glad you stuck by your principles and persisted 🙂

  • Phil Lee says:

    You cant use any data acquired through recording unless you inform the other person the call is recorded

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    How can you record these conversations? CAn u do it from landline phone as well or only using a mobile phone???

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Phil, can you be more specific? If you inform the CSA that you intend to record every call then it is it's problem if they fail to tell it's staff. The staff are carrying out the will of the agency…..

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Sylvia, yes there are methods that allow you to do as such. You also have companies that let you pay a per minute charge and will record it for you and you can subsequently download off the internet the file, I haven't tried doing that before though….

  • Richard Murray says:

    I won against them and case closed in 08 all my money was refunded ! GUESS WHAT ? I am back in court on Dec 9th for arrears and a liability order,, So my advise is Don't count your Chickens ???

  • CSAhell.com says:

    We'll have to put a post up about this on the site, it's a common question and people often give their opinion as fact when it's very much mistaken.Under UK law you are entitled to record all of your telephone conversations. You do not need the permission of the other person, nor do you even need to tell them. You are within your rights to record any and old conversations.However, under RIPA you cannot make any part of that conversation available to a third party without the permission of the other person. This includes playing the recording, or even showing them a transcript.You are allowed to make the recording available, such as a broadcast, if it represents a 'significant public interest' – although this could be challenged. This is how journalists get around the RIPA issue, and programmes such as Watchdog and Panorama record phone calls and interviews without someone's knowledge for their shows. Be warned though, you could find yourself in court arguing this point if the other party challenges it, as the CSA threatened to do with us for our recorded call of them being told they'd sent someone else's bank details to the wrong person. They didn't go ahead with any court action though, and the recording has remained online for all to see and hear.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    They didn't refuse and carried on with the conversation the first time… on many occasions they have at some point had it re iterated to them and they continue to engage so as far as I am concerned it is okay, they were informed it could be used for legal purposes also.The other day a CSA employee thought I said that THEY were recording the conversation and he was okay with that, yes we do! When I clarified that I actually meant that I record all conversations including the current one, he suddenly challenged my right to do so, strange! It was also noted that he seemed to clarified everything discussed on being informed of the that fact!The CSA are not to be believed on anything. If you engage in telephone conversations without recording them then you are your own worst enemy!

  • Richard Murray says:

    BT Hub phone !!

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    most mobiles have a record during call function, so get them to call you back and record them

  • Diana Gudmonaite says:

    thats if they ever call back!!!!!

  • Dave says:

    Sorry it took so long to respond been very busy over Christmas.
    I informed them in a letter and generally at the end of a telephone conversation(which they would then abruptly end) that all telephone calls are recorded). I later complained that the CSA refused to sort my case out as they would always end the conversation rudely before any headway could be made.
    Who’s personal data is on the recording is the question. I gave my details, my information. Obviously you would edit names and details of children ex’s etc. As the CSA operatives wont give their names out, or any details about themselves its hardly their personal data.

    If it did happen to have their personal information on, and it got released, it must have been stolen:) How much can a court expect an INDIVIDUAL to prevent the theft of it.

    As for my solicitors opinion on the CSA. Lets just say she wasn’t impressed with their competence. She actually couldn’t deal with the CSA as the call centre workers thought they knew more than her, and would tell her she was wrong!! She bi-passed them and telephoned the magistrates court to get the details of the legal representative dealing with the case. They immediately adjourned the court hearing. One thing I remember her saying to them was that I had a letter stating that I couldn’t appeal their decision, she wanted clarification on this saying that I could and would appeal any decision, at every level and we would take it to the Human rights courts if needed. . She also offered a conditional payment of an extra £5 a week(she paid for 1 week only), on the proviso that the decision was looked at gain(I’m pretty sure she said they cant refuse your £5/week as they cant take you to court if they do). They conceded that the decision could be appealed and they said they would make sure the CSA looked at it again. She then sent some further information into the CSA including letters from family and friends who could confirm situations(seems strange but she said it all helps, but maybe the fact that 2 of them were from doctors, 1 a solicitor, and another worked for the BBC made them more credible if it went to court?).
    The other point she made was that if it went to court, she would make sure we were only dealing in fact and law, nothing else. She said my case was simple. It was wrong in fact and wrong in law.

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