I feel like a criminal each time I speak to them

January 9, 2014

Me and my partner of 10 years split up in may 2013. we have 2 childern togther and even after we split i continued to pay £700 per month for her rent until she moved out and back into her parents. she opened a case with the csa in Aughust 2013 stating i had no contact with the childern and that she had no contact details for myself.

During this time i had to get an haressment order put in place though the police after damage to my car and the property i have been lodging at since the split. Because of this i had some time off work with the stress. During this time i had 1 letter sent to my employer detailing the payment schdule that the csa had set out for a DEO.The first contact i had was 1 week before the first payment was to be taken out of my wages (£461). Since then the CSA have been unable to give me a date when the payments will go to the normal monthly payment of £307.66. In the mean time i have been left with 800 pound a month to live on including bills and i have had to sell my car to enable me to live, cancel my mobile phone contract as well. I also i have my childern every other weekend so 1 night a week average and my ex is not willing to contact the csa to change the claim because she claims that she cannot live on her monthly wages, tax credits and live at home not paying a single bill.

The only option i now have is to go to court over this. my ex sends my childern to me with no clothes for the weekend or nappies for the youngst child which i then need to purchase out of what i am left to live on. The csa have said my protected earnings is £917 however my employer takes the csa deduction before tax and salary sacrifice leaving me below this amount, is that correct ? The csa have been no help at all even when i offered to set a monthly payment up which was £250 pound a month. i feel like my ex has me over a barrel with no way out as i cannot afford to go to court and live. I am currently having to budget money so i have 1 meal a day and have given up smoking to save money. It just seems that farthers have no rights and the csa just act on the information the mum gives them with out any kind of input from the parent. I feel like a criminal each time i speak to them.


  • Richie says:

    800 a month to live on is more than sufficient im sure

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