I don’t want to pack my job in but I may have to

June 30, 2013

hi need some help got told today i will be getting 298 pound each month took of me for my daughter who i dont see i also have my own house and another little girl whos coming up 2. I am only on minium wage and my rent is 350 pcm council tax 165 as i am a bit behind on payments due to my wage, also have a car and insurance to pay for as well as water rates at 70pcm.

i am going to have nothing left out of my wage and all i do is try and keep a roof over our heads i dont no what to do pack my job in i am at the end of my teather just feel as though as i am in a corner and cant get out please help or give me some advice


  • Adrian says:

    We’re all in the same boat my friend. 1 bit of advice though. Don’t quit your job cause you won’t get any social. Instead if you are determined to quit your job. Go on the sick for depression. I can’t tell you want to do but I think you get the idea here.

  • Gonk says:

    I feel for you and it’s sad that this is what the CSA do to so many fathers.these wolfs do not give a shit about how you will cope after taking such a large chunk of your salary…they absolutely do not give a shit so long as they get whats owing the treasury.dont be fooled by the agency title.its a smoke screen disguising its real purpose…it’s a stealth tax that exploits vulnerable parents that have had the misfortune of a break-up.its got fuck all to do with kids…it’s purpose is designed to line the treasures pocket whatever or however you look at it…it pays out in benefits to (and I’m not mincing my words here) an awful lot of benefit scroungers,single mothers that exploit kids just to get a free roof over their heads with all the benefit trimmings on top,and of cause they know if they have dozens of kids they can claim even more money from the father..who’s life is ruined after his past life once the CSA get their claws in and the greedy bitches called the ex.
    So this money the treasury pays out to all the scroungers and burdens on society,the free loaders ,the takers,the ones that take everything they can get but contribute nothing….us hardworking NRP’s are screwed for extra taxes to replace some of this money…we are all mugs and these arseholes are laughing at us.
    Welcome to the world of the CSA and wish you all the luck..you will need it.

  • Gonk says:

    @ Jessica Robinson
    You are right ,they will only sting you when you start work again and with arrears. To be honest..if ever I was put in such a situation where bled dry of cash by these vultures…I’d give up work because there be no point doing it any more ,let’s be honest and realistic…why would anyone work week in and week out and have nothing to show for it and no quality of life anymore and ALL because of the CSA.
    Coupled with the nightmare thought that if you did return to work you would be hit even harder with the arears slapped on top of your usual payments.its a no brainer
    It ain’t rocket science.
    With that thought in mind…I would never return to work again…fuck em I’d say…they will get nothing would be my attitude, or the £5 a week until that stopped.
    You see this is what the CSA reduces some fathers to ,wanting to work but forced to quit it because of them.

  • Macon says:


    If you are left with no money after a months work that’s slavery why would you you keep working rather than go on benifits have you ever thought of college , the Csa can’t get any money of you and in 4 year time you mite manage to get a better paid job and then it my be worthwhile working !

  • Sally says:


    Sorry, not really relevant to this post but I thought some of the regulars (Macon, Gonk, Lisa etc) would be interested in this link… talk about twisting things.. the CSA staff were providing WRONG information and misleading people.. that is why everyone got upset.. anywhoo.. i’ll let you read it for yourselves…


  • gonk says:

    just read that and this bit cracks me up no end “Assistant Secretary Dave Richards commented that “Staff in CSA do an important job collecting record amounts of maintenance and helping lift children out of poverty”
    who’s eyes is this twat trying to pull the wool over ??
    the fucking money lifts no children out of poverty…the csa don’t give a shit about where or how the money is spent, its a well known fact that vast amount of pwc’s just use the kids to line their own pockets.If the csa REALLY cared and wanted to ensure that money robbed from the nrp is ACTUALLY spent on whom its intended for THEN THEY WOULD. But they don’t care…all the the csa does is drive a wedge between parents and the kids.
    So wipe that shit out of your eyes and ears DAVID RICHARDS and stop trying to sing the csa praises for doing a good job…maybe this site and the facebook book is born out of pure boredom and nrp’s have nothing better to do but moan and bitch about the false failings of the csa as you obviously see it…dick head !!!
    I for one would never condone violence against anyone even if they do sadly work for the csa. it aint their faults they work for a bunch of arseholes in todays job climate,but theres no excuse for their persistent incompetence and total lack of sympathy or understanding of peoples problems when they call on the phone.
    this is why so many nrp and some pwc’s get soooo angry and frustrated…since joining this site and reading so many horror stories and fucks-ups by the csa..is it any wonder I have no faith in this shite outfit and when I, reluctantly having to contact them.. did so via email ,letter and backed both up to my local mp just in case..lol…and its amazing how they sparked on all cylinders when you involve your mp and put everything in writing…hell…I even amazingly got DEO lifted..sure enough…and with very little effort..its a shame they seem to drag their sorry arses unless you do all prepping and threating before you contact them.

  • Macon says:

    It is there fault that they make simple mistakes and refuse to put them right unless you get your MP involved for crying out loud why should my MP have to get involved to get people employed by the Csa to get their job done in a correct and efficient manner !

  • gonk says:

    I hear you Macon…WHY indeed…simple answer….its the csa we have to deal with and they don’t cut us a fair deal so sadly we have to involve mp’s ..its wrong I agree but im convinced if I had done nothing down those lines..my DEO would still be in place….Its the only course of action for a positive way forward in getting anything done for the time being…love to have another way that don’t involve lining all the csa staff up and shooting em

  • Macon says:

    I got my MP involved and only after he was involved my case was closed after 18 months of continual threats from the Csa if there was a proper independent appeals process things would get better on MPs can get on with there work not babysitting the Csa !

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