I don’t want keep paying the CSA if the child is not mine

February 28, 2014

i was going with a girl for 8months i called into see her just out of the blue caught her in bed with another fella witch later i found out was her ex from a few years ago, as you can think my head was all over the place then she send me a txt to say she was having a baby and i was the father this was about 3/4 weeks after i caught her i tried to work out the last time we slept and it was 2 weeks before i caught her, she kept saying it was mine

right lets get to the issue, over the 9 months she was sending me texts and facebook messages i have kept them all as proof saying i was not getting any were near the baby and that i will never find out if it was mine to ill be taking you to court for DNA and report you to CSA

so about 3/4 months ago she took me to court i went and she never had to go so i was asked to do a DNA test for the courts as she requested it so i was happy to do this so i done all the work that was needed and back to court again and now its been tossed out of court the judge was not happy that she had 3 times to get her side sorted for the DNA tests,

now what i would like to know if she refused to do DNA tests for the courts should i still be paying the CSA or could i claim the money back or have it stopped until sometime she takes a test for the DNA.

i don’t want keep paying the CSA if the child is not mine plus am not on the birth certificate.

if we do the DNA tests and the child is mine i would like my name on it plus i would like to see the child tho if she has her way i would maybe never see the child.


  • Dave Darby says:

    If the court has ordered the DNA test and you’ve done your bit and she is refusing to go, you then address the judge and say that as Miss x is failing to provide DNA samples, request that an order be made to say that I am not the father and therefore have no rights. This is then presented to the CSA. See if she buckles then.
    If the CSA were to order a DNA test and she didn’t show up, then payments would stop. If you failed to show up, you would still be paying.

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