I don’t think my former employer told the CSA I had left

December 21, 2012

I have just changed employers, through a tupe process.

My employment transferred to the new employer on 1/10/12. I have just received my first pay slip, and the old DEO appears on my new payslip.

My old employers have been informed by the CSA that my liability ended on 2/9/12. I don’t think the old employers bothered to write to the CSA to tell them that I no longer work there.

There has been no contact between CSA and new employer because the liability has ended.

New employer tells me that I must take it up with the payroll (outsourced to the old employer!).

Also, shouldn’t my pay slip have my new employer’s name on?



  • wilf says:

    It’s up to you to tell the CSA about any changes.
    How can they see your payslips if you have not sent them in?
    Why do you think your liability ended?
    When did the CSA tell you about your liability ending?
    Is your case now closed?

  • Alice says:

    as far as I know a DEO should not be passed between one employer or another, if you are working with a group of companies under a mother company name – ie Smiths Groups which is segmented to Smiths ABC, Smiths 123 and Smiths XYZ, you physically worked for Smiths ABC and now work in the Smiths XYZ office but your contract is with, and you are paid by, Smiths Group then the DEO would still be valid. I would say that you need to speak to the HR dept of your new employer, the outsourced payroll company should take their instructions from your employer.

    As an NRP you are obliged to inform the CSA of any change in your circumstances so you should contact them and inform them of your new employer. If you liability has ended and there are arrears on your case they will issue a new DEO to the new employer for collection of arrears only.

    If the old DEO is cancelled (due to you now working for a different employer) and you do not inform the CSA of the new employer the case will become non-compliant due to payments not being made, the Debt Enforcement section will then start trace action and once they establish your new employer a DEO will be issued.

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