I don’t think I should be paying this amount for CSA

May 26, 2016

I have just recieved about five letters stating that I owe about 38 pound per week for csa for 1 child. I have my daughter sleeping between 52-104 nights per week and live with my second wife who has 3 kids aged 16/17 and 18. My annual wage is 14040 and weekly wage gross is 270 per week, what should I be paying as I think this is wrong?


  • Montanna says:

    There is a cmo calculator on .gov

    23 per week at 103 nights, 27.60 including fees

    19 per week at 104 nights, 22.80 including fees


    My I ask why did you not know about this?
    I hope to campaign to cancel all csa. It is a punitive tax, wielded by mentally ill women. Who are actually well off compared to their male counter part.

    With today’s child benefit and tax credits, the amount given only creates animosity between parties. Making the children suffer.

    If you share the burden then we should share the child benefits.

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