I don’t know the mother’s circumstances

February 25, 2014

After a one night stand I am now looking at being a potential father! I am a self employed 27 year old construction worker living at home! I earned a net value of £20000 last year before expensive but it is not a constraint amount and depends on business year too year!

I pay board at home totalling £230. The girl who is having the baby has another child but I don’t no now if she get any money from the father or is calming benefits! I no she works in a hair salon and does hair at home! Regards


  • Gonk says:

    Don’t know what you are asking here?
    The CSA is changing soon to CMS and is designed to get parents together and coming to their own private arrangements to provide for their off spring.
    If you are the father, you will pay whether you like it or not if she goes to the CSA and puts you on their radar.
    They will have you in their net, if you obstruct them with not paying rants etc? They will enforce it with a deduction of earnings order and charge you both for the privilege. So do yourself a favour and nip it in the bud now and talk to this girl and come to a private arrangement. DO NOT GO NEAR THE CSA. They will ruin your life and your head.

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