I don’t even know if the child’s mine, but they’re helping themselves to my wages

January 18, 2014

I had a relationship with a women whom claims I am the father of her 9 year old daughter, I was not aloud at he birth an once she was born her family name was neither of the mothers or mine.

I was unemployed from before she was born up until 2011, on and off I have had £5 taken from my benefit money each week, I was unable to work due to being a full time father to my other daughter whom was with another women.

CSA contacted me in 2013 stating that I owe £5000+, I then told them my concerns regarding the DNA of the child also that I was not on the birth certificate, I was then informed that I was offered a DNA test in 2008/2009 of which I was not aware of. I then requested proof of the address that the letters had been sent too, CSA sent me written proof along with verbal proof of an address that I have never lived at.
I then requested a further DNA test of which they refused and said I would have to pay £500 for. I then spoke to CSA whom informed me if I could send proof of my address at the time the letters where sent to prove they had the wrong address they would have to drop the case and the mother would have to re-apply, I did as they asked and once I sent the proof they then said that they had sent letters to that address as well although I have never seen any proof of this.

CSA are now taking £88 a week out of my wages, they contacted my employer behind my back and just started helping themselves to my wages.

I have a 2 year old daughter living with myself an partner an we are really finding it hard to pay our bills, I don’t understand how the back pay can be so much when I was unemployed for 7 years of her life. I am paying for a child whom I don’t no is mine and have not seen since she was born in hospital.
I can not afford the £500 for the DNA
please help I am at my wits end


  • jo says:

    Sarah read….he is not on the birth certificate!

    Go and see your mp, csa will try and worm their way out of it and say it’s you at fault etc etc….having hassle with them ourselves over lost paperwork or saying they sent it and we’ve not received it….but of course we’re the liars!

  • jo says:

    And if a mother refuses the dna the case would automatically close!

  • ross wills says:


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