I demand compensation from the CSA!

November 14, 2012

I contact the CSA on the 28th August to have my case reassessed and it is today the 12th November. I just called the CSA only to be told my ex has not yet been contacted!! My case has had no updates on that front.

In addition to this I have called atleast every 2 weeks to find out where this overpayment is that was due on the August – November as advised in a letter in June. They have not done anything about it.

My previous call was on 31.10.12 where some from Belfast called me apologising for not chasing up my case and promised that he would look into it and call me back. He also said he would escalate this case to his manager… clearly – nothing happened there either.

12th November – still waiting for that call!! I called CSA only to be told that no updates have been put on my account since August!! How is that possible.

The service provided by the CSA has clearly gone downhill. Unfortunately, an apology is not enough anymore.

I should be compensated for:
1. Waste of time
2. No updates
3. Not pursuing my application for review 4. Not contacting his HR department when I was told you would.
5. FOr me having to ring you to push this case along. If HR hasnt sent the payment, surely the CSA should chase that without my nudge?

I would like some compensation on this matter!!


  • Karen says:

    You have more chance of having Brad Pitts twins than getting compo out of CSA!

    Same thing happened to me, I opened a case on 4 July against my ex. On 12th Aug i rang for an update, only to be told my ex had not been contacted yet. Funny thing is, after my call they contacted me with a letter saying my ‘effective date’ was the 16 Aug and arrears would accrue from this date. I think its highly suspect that they did anything before my follow up call in August which just goes to show you have to be persistant with them, and nudge them every step of the way for results.

  • wilf says:

    Miss Obhi:- Have you been overpaid or are you owed arrears?
    Did somebody call you from the CSA on 31/10/2012 or did you call them?
    Do you find calling once a fortnight makes the CSA put your case to the front of queue?
    Why did you ask for reassessment when they are sending letters concerning over payments (or possibly arrears)?
    Its a good job it is not a paid for service because they do seem to take at least 12 weeks before considering any reassessment requests.
    Send them a letter of complaint recorded delivery or ask them to close the case because their service is so poor.

  • j says:

    DONT do anything with the csa over the phone, they can always deny you called.
    Start by making a formal complaint in writing, send it recorded delivery and keep the delivery receipt for later reference. Send a copy of the letter to your MP. Then apply to the csa for a copy of your Data Protection Prints, you will be surprised at the info in their, send your request recorded delivery and ask for all information both computer records and any written correspondence. If you are not happy with the complaints process you can ask the ‘Independent’ case examiner to get involved. This should all keep you busy for awhile. Good Luck.

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