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I demand an explanation from CSA

Csa have taken a extra £200 out of my wage as well as the £330. I need to be informed this week at the earliest as I want it back as I havent had any notice which is illegal.

I have a sheet planning out this years payements, next month I am only paying £ 200 if this comes to much more I will make sure they dont get any more payements. I want a explanation.

8 thoughts on “I demand an explanation from CSA

  1. Unfortunately it sounds like you have a deo against your wages which gives CSA access to more money & they will continue to take it, good luck with fighting them, you’re going to need it especially now their cases are closing & moving to the new CMS instead unless you’re already a CMS case. You’d be better off talking to your employer as it is down to them as well.

  2. @ Kristy ann denham…here’s another idiot that just don’t get it. And sees the robbing bastard CSA through rose tinted spectacles….lol…..have you ever thought kristy…the guy telling him to go self employed is doing so because the csa will sooner see him on the street after bleeding him dry which will do totally nothing in helping him see his kids. Is it ok his kids go without their dad because the csa is robbing him blind and he can’t see them because of the csa….you idiot…..wake up….this vile system is just there to take your money, if the kids see it ….that’s pure luck….most of the time it goes in the mothers hand bag and what she wants, and guess what…..the csa…couldn’t care less….so much for them pretending to be there for the kids….THEY ARE NOT

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