I could go to prison says Child Support Agency

February 21, 2011

I left my ex after she told me she no longer wanted me around.no reason given.I found somebody else and we moved in togeter.I took my 16 year old son with me. I work self employed on a low wage of 90 pounds a week.I was told by the csa that I would have to pay 10 pounds a week.ok agreed.

I didnt know the csa were on my case until we moved and a letter was forwarded to me.

I get the zero calculation at first then 10 pounds then 21 i appealed and then got 57pounds a week because they hadnt thaken my tax credits into account of 145 a week, this has been awarded because of a low income. Most of which goes on food and bills leaving me 33 pounds a week to live on, less than the dole.

I pleaded my case on the phone explaining if i didnt pay i would be sent to prison, i explained i had other bills and was told that is tough stop paying them to pay us.if i did this i would be homeless with my partner and two children.

I went to the cab who sided with the csa, but did however phone them and i made an offer to pay 20pounds a week which i cant afford. CSA said no.

I now have an enforcement summons telling me i could lose my possessions, my driving licence and be sent to prison. The solicitors tell me they cant help me because it is not a legal matter.

Result: I am buggered.


  • chall says:

    Is your case old (CS1) or new (CS2) rules?
    How many children do you pay CSA for?
    Does you case have any arrears?
    Are the 2 children that live in your household in non advanced education?
    Does your partner work?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • j says:

    “I could go to prison says Child Support Agency

    February 21, 2011”

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    ‘Court ruling leaves child maintenance authority ‘emasculated’’

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