I care for daughter but CSA wants my money for ex wife

February 11, 2011

Hi, here is a copy of a e-mail i have sent to the CSA. I did phone the CSA but I had the misfortune to speak with a most obnoxious woman, they don’t care that my wife does not look after my daughter and I do. Me and my daughter will struggle to get by. here is the e-mail

MY DAUGHTER LIVES WITH ME. I CARE FOR HER. Last June 2010 my wife told me that she would put me in debt, she then emptied our joint account, leaving it about 300 pounds overdrawn, So I opened another account in my name only that she could not use and I had all the standing orders moved into that account so they could be paid, my wife also opened a account but she moved the child benefit and working tax credit to hers. so I had all the outgoings apart from my wage and she had all the income. She also told her family in Belgium that I was not buying any food and our daughter was starving, IT WAS A LIE, but they believed her and sent her money. Money she then used to buy a Romainian man she had met a car.

I have told them what she did with the money they sent to her and they are disgusted at her. It was a long summer of hell, I have had to call the police to her more than once because of the way she was treating our 8 year old daughter, she was taking our daughter up the woods at night with a group of young Romainian men. This was not a pleasant time for me.

My wife seemed to enjoy being cruel an humiliating me and my daughter,. But I kept paying the bills and supporting my daughter and of course my daughter wanted to spend less time with my wife and more with me. In October my wife finally moved out to live with some Romainian men leaving me and my daughter at home, I go to work at 6 in the morning so my wife used to come home just before i went to work and look after my daughter before she went to school, I would pick my daughter up from school,entertain her , feed her and put her to bed as normal. But my wife is lazy and did not like getting up in the morning so she decided to pick my daughter up just before (after) bedtime and take her to the propertie where she lives let her sleep there and get her up and take her to school, I am feeding my daughter and she is spending most of her waking hours with me or at school I LOOK AFTER MY DAUGHTER.

Now the CSA- CHILD- SUPPORT- AGENCY wants me to pay my wife 37.71 pound a week, I am already stuggling to get by each week now I will struggle to feed my daughter and give her the things she needs, My wife will NOT use the money to look after our daughter IT is the CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY not THE ROMAINIAN MEN SUPPORT AGENCY as it soon will be, Food , childrens clothes and comics will be turned into cigarettes and vodka. My wife is not a caring mother and will certainly put her needs and the needs of her Romainian men friends before the needs of her Daughter. I hope you can see how unfair this is.

I have been in contact with my solicitor about custody of my daughter as my wife is NOT looking after her, My wife sees our daughter just as a way of making money, Can I make a claim for child support after you take the money off me? Not every case you see is the same , not every mum is good and every is dad bad, please look into this case.

I am still waiting a reply I hope they look into it . When I spoke to that woman on the phone and said that my wife would probally buy cigerettes and vodke with the money she replied “Your wife can buy what ever she wants with the money” Not very proffesional!


  • Man A says:

    I can understand such a pain, i am now 20 and my parents seprated when i was young, my mum was a raging alcoholic, and my dad was a profession close to retirement, which never drank or smoked in his life (my mum also smoked), ofcourse my mum won the custody, and my dad wound up in prison for not paying the csa something i regard him highly for. the system is messed up, and i think it is high time the kids which have been through this get a chance to reveiw how it worked for them, coz it sure as hell didnt for me, i missed the most valuable years with my loving father, who then passed away from cancer when i was around 12, i ahte this system more than any one you ahve ever known and it is high time it changes

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