I can’t take this treatment from the CSA anymore!

December 9, 2016

I have issues with csa and have done for many years. My currant earnings a month are £1941 before tax and Ni and csa. They have just calculated my payments as paying them £686 a month !!! When I try to sort issues with them there is no understanding that this amount is absoluty disgrace full after tax and NI I will be left with around £900 a month. Which is going to drive me into debt and struggles to live. I live in a one bed council flat and I cannot down size anymore. The mother refused to come to an agreement as she is over the moon with the amount of money she recieves. Is there any advice that can help me as I cant go on any longer with the treatment I am receiving by csa. They seem to just make up random figures of payment to prevent men from living. Any help would Be very much appreciated.


  • Woody says:

    Hi send me an email with your email address and I will reply with contact details of someone to contact from csa

  • gavin says:

    My email is [email protected]. Thankyou

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