I can’t see how we’re going to win here with all the lying

August 8, 2013

Hi I moved in with my new partner a year ago after leaving my wife and two kids behind , immediately I started paying money for my kids upkeep and still do . The problem is my new partner has a 13 yr old son who lives with us and we are trying our hardest to get any maintenance from his father to no avail ,

the father lives with his girlfriend and they’re young son of 3 but he is telling the CSA and benefits office that he lives elsewhere . He is also working and not declaring it , he turns up on a Sunday to pick his son up in the works van he drives round in. His employer is a friend of his so doesn’t declare paying him , his mother has written a letter to CSA saying he lives with her to get them off his back .

I can’t see how we are going to win here as they are all lying through they’re back teeth .

I pay for my two kids and although its awkward I don’t begrudge paying it .

How can this slimeball get away with not paying anything .

Does the CSA not have investigators who spy on people to catch them out or would it help if we got our own private investigator to follow him , yes it would cost us but the thought of him laughing his head off getting away with this makes me sick . ?