I can’t give what I don’t have to the CSA

August 29, 2012

My name is paul,and am an absent parent,an yes i shirked my responsibility as a father. until recently i was making regular payments to the CSA of £120.00 per month for arrears,and as such everything was fine. id,e payed back almost £10,000 and then in December of last year i had a re assessment and it jumped to £277.86 per month,the assessment had bin accruing at a rate of £425.00 per month, i agreed to pay this amount but a outstanding balance of £4175.00 was out standing.

I have bin constantly harassed bullied into paying this money at an amount of £238.00 that’s 33% on my wage after deductions. i cannot pay this amount as it will lead to my job loss and loss of my home, they say this deduction is a gesture of good will,but has to be payed by wot ever means. i have had 2 case workers Janet and Arlene, the information goes to to many people who seem to make there own mind up.

I demanded a manager call me back to sort this mess out,but that got know were,i was told that the secretary of state wants his money back, i am sick and fed up with the constant phone calls demanding there money, I CANT GIVE WOT I DON’T HAVE.


  • Carol says:

    CSA only look at your income and not rent, monthly commitments etc. CSA say maintenance is a priority debt which should be paid before your rent and household expenses!

    When arrears are involved CSA can take 40% of your net salary. If you manage to be repaying less than that then the CSA would see it as a goodwill gesture.

    Have you completed an income and expenditure form? This should prove tothe CSA that you cannot afford their repayments and they may reduce it

  • terry scott says:

    Don’t deal with the CSA directly. Use http://www.nascsa.co.uk instead or at least to represent you and they will help correct the issues.

    The CSA stress us all out thats the game they play.

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