I can’t get anywhere with the CSA

February 3, 2014

I cant seem to get anywhere with the csa.. my eldest is now 23 and it took till he was 19 and a letter from my MP to get just over £7000 I was owed.. im now having the same problem with my youngest who is 12.. no contact for 18 months and no payments.

When I ring I get pushed from pillow to post.. bloody fed up of it.. they say they’ll ring back and send letters I get nothing.. I get someone different everytime and have to go through the same questions and answers.. the childs father lies through his teeth.. what more am I supposed to do.. costs a fortune to ring them n get nothing in return.. sort it


  • Martin says:

    I have 4 children my ex partner has done everything possible to stop me seeing my 2 girls I offered to give her money but would only accept cash I refused she refused the bank I have complete contact with my sons yet I pay 540 a month to my ex and had to set up a family agreement for my boys to be taken into account which is 200 how is this fair . They also at one point were taking 650 from me which is over 40 % of my wages they also took a deductions of earnings order without me knowing again how is this fair It is clear I have no rights and just have to pay this Csa is do not care about fathers or situations and I am disgusted

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