I can’t afford to pay this on my current wage – what can I do?

October 18, 2013

me my ex have a 28 month old daughter! we split ix October last year. after split i was paying 100 a week and still buying items of clothing and food etc. that £100 was for every week till about February cause i couldnt afford it!

it is now 50 a week and i seem to struggle still but i want to go down the correct path cause i was giving cash! also i gave my ex £1000 out of my tax rebate! i am on £100 a day before tax but work isn’t always contant!

i have fuel for my van which is £50 a week minimum, tax £121 for 6 months, maintenance cost for the vehicle, insurance £180 a month, rent £100 a week, then living costs!

can u please help me and advise


One Response to “I can’t afford to pay this on my current wage – what can I do?”

  1. jo on October 18th, 2013 12:35 pm

    Have you checked on the online calculator what you should be paying? Also never pay by cash, leave a paper trail and always mark it as child maintenance, and get your ex to sign it with a witness signature. Might be worth coming to an agreement with your ex a reasonable amount plus any gifts etc should be bought as of choice as technically any child support payments should cover this.

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