I can’t afford to live thanks to the CSA

May 23, 2016

I’m left with just £170 a week after CSA payments , I was expected to pay for accommodation , pay bills and run a car to get to work ( 10 miles away and no public transport ) . I told them I couldn’t afford to live , and got told to eat less hahaha . I’ve lost my house now and live in my car , so can not now have my kids stay over . Anyway to the point , if I pay £50 into a pension would my wage be £120 . Or stay at the protected amount of £150?


  • Kerry J says:

    Why does a parent without care who earns 30,000 pay more for his child than a man who earns 10,000. There should be ONE SET PRICE PER CHILD and not worked out on how hard the father works to earn more money for his second family because his first family are getting more money?

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