I can’t afford any of this – what do I do?

August 12, 2013

I have been paying child support to a woman I had a fling with back in 2005. I’ve been paying since the child was born in 2006. Recently I’ve been asked to pay more money, my payment have increased from £96 per month to £268 per month.

I’m also now married with another child whom live with me. I earn £2400 per month and my outgoings (bills/mortgage/debts etc) amount to £2160 leaving me with £240 with which to feed my family not to mention other costs such as fuel, clothes, school uniform etc. I simply cannot afford the £268 per month, let alone the £800 arrears I apparently owe, even though I’ve always made payments!

What on earth do I do? If I make these payments my son at home will go hungry and probably end up homeless! The child I pay for lives with her mother who is now married and living with him, the child has taken this mans last name. Is there a way to agree on lower payments with the csa.? I’ll lose everything otherwise.


  • mike hunt says:

    Are you sure this child is yours firstly??

    If not sure ask for paternity test..

    If the child is yours ask for a variation order..

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