I cannot afford to work anymore – is there anything I can do?

October 26, 2013

I cannot believe how the csa work there stuff out, i live on my only and they want 220 a month of me that leaves me 775 a month. ths is to pay my rent council tax elctric water run my car i have to travel 60 mile round trip to work they are leaving me no choice but to finish work as i cannot afford to get there or pay my bills.

how do they get away with this Iagree yes we should pay for are children but us fathers need to live as well but they are not letting us do that am at my tether with them making me ill worrying about weather i will lose my house as i will not be able to afford it or live really dont know what to do as they dont listen to you on the phone all you get u need to pay thats it


  • Marcus Lasance says:

    The best thing you can do is try and remain on speaking terms with your ex and work out an amount that you can afford and both can agree on. Then pay this by standing order and leave the CSA well out of it! This worked for me for 15 years till the kids went to university and I supported them directly. The CSA will give both the PWC and NRP nothing but grief, while they cost the tax payer 40 pence for every pound they collect. So I say best cut out the middle man!

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