I am the mother and my access to my children was denied by my ex

March 2, 2013

I divorced approx 1 January 2003 with what I believed at the time to be a Private Agreement with my Ex Husband -Joint Custody of my (3) Three Children Aged 14-7-4 . Maintenance Agreed by my Ex Husband , that he would pay me approx £250 per month, which he never did! . However, some Two years Later after False Allegations to Tax Credits and the Child Benefit, all my benefits were stopped, I was Forced back to Full Time Employment and my Ex Husband made a Claim to CSA , receiving £500 per month DEO directly from my salary while I worked 60 hours per week to increase his £50,000 per year Salary .

CSA was not even means tested – thereby the more Affulent Parent, not working but living on All Government Benefits became even more better off?? As the natural Mother, my rights to see my own children were denied – By the Parent With Care!

If the PWC refuses a NRP Access to your own Children CSA should Not have had the Power to Deduct my Salary- (My Own Children have been used as a Financial Tool Against their own Mother). I have had No Access or Relationship with My Own Children due to the Actions of the PWC. I would just like to Thank My Ex Husband in this Case and the actions of the CSA in denying the Natural Mother in this Case No Rights to have Access to my Own Children from 2005- to present day- I hope you both rot in hell for denying My Children their Rights to Both Parents!!!! x


  • mik says:

    Now that is nasty, no-one should be able to do what has been done to you, and the CSA are the devil incarnate.

  • Alice says:

    CSA have no influence on access issues, any parent who is having issues with access to their child(ren) should seek advice and assistance from a family law solicitor and take the matter through family courts

  • Fred says:

    We have become a nation of selfishness and greed. I saw my 2 children for 5 years regulary every other weekend untill my ex went to the csa last year. less than one year on she now gets more money and she has turned them against me so i now get no access or contact. We went to mediation but she if very controlling and has to have controll so when it was just myself vs her she lost. She cancelled medation claiming it wasn’t working (well not for her) and has gone back on everything we discuss. I can’t afford to go to court and see no point due to the circumstances. I even went to see my local MP to complain saying my ex agreed to me having access and as she has now denied me access why should i have to pay even more due to me not having them overnight.The answer was simple, Coverment Guidlines, you work you pay !! i have worked too hard in my career to give it all up but have felt like it. Sometimes it feels like i am screaming in a room but no one is listening to me. I am and will penalised for years yet while my ex enjoys her move to her new £450,000 house.

    you are not alone in what the csa is doing to people so is all i can say is take it and remember its not forever !! Children will find a way to find you to get the truth one day. I am waiting for this day to come….

    Good Luck in your fight..

  • stuart says:

    Quote Alice;

    CSA have no influence on access issues,

    Please Read that again Alice your words, do you breeze through life with your eyes shut?

    The CSA have had more influence than any other reason for NRP’s being denied access to their children, by turning PWC against them to not allowing them enough money to visit them.

    Read and listen to the people on this site, we dont come here for a laugh we are all being shafted by an unfair, illegal and corrupt system you spend your “spare” time defending.

    Have a long hard look at yourself.

  • wilf says:

    Perhaps the answer to this is no reduction for shared care so the PWCs would have no reason to curtail it.

  • lisa says:

    Funny that Alice, because CSA told my hubbys ex that he WOULDT pay not COULDT pay and put a stop to his access, so it just shows the spineless gits at the CSA do play a part in access being stopped in cases where your chasing for none existent arrears that have been made up and money that the NRP cant afford, the whole system is a joke, When my hubby was paying they were telling her lies,

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