I am paying more than I should – what can I do to reduce my payments?

May 31, 2012

I have been paying the CSA for years. I always thought the payments were way too high, but CSA, and my MP, were telling me they were right, so I didn’t argue it any more.

My payments have now shot up by another £90 per month, which means I am now paying £410 per month, which is 30% of my monthly salary.

Other posts I’ve read here state I should only be paying 15%.

Can anyone please give me some advice because I just don’t know what to do?

I know I need to pay for my child, that’s not in question, however I really feel I’m being taken advantage of!

Thank you.


  • Carol says:

    Why is it so high? Are you on the old old Scheme CS1 or the newer CS2 scheme. On the CS1 they would take into account your housing costs etc. CS2 only takes your net income, no other allowances.

    If it is only for one children and there are no arrears then you are correct it should only be 15% of your net salary.

    From the maintenance assessment they have sent is your salary correct? If not then appeal the decision right away. You have 30 days from the date of the assessment to get them to sort it out.

  • Terry says:

    If your case was opened before April 2003 then you are on the old CS1 system.
    This calculates at 30% of net income. Current CS2 (Any case after april 2003) is 15% of net income.
    I know as i am on the CS1 system myself paying £100 a week

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