I am paying CSA for a child that lives with me

October 3, 2014

I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I had two sons to pay for after divorce 20 years ago. For all those years , I paid my child maintenance demands, even returning to work early after an operation to carry on paying these demands, after a visit from a csa rep with a vieled threat if I could not keep up payments.

Since at least 2013 My ex wife claimed fraudulently as the two boys were both working, however, the csa continued to demand payment from me. The csa now accept that my ex wife was claiming fraudulently but will not give me the money back and are not going to retrieve it from her for me.

I have a 3rd son, from another relaitionship, for whom I have been paying the csa since he was two years old. At 16years of age and after constant diputes between him and his mother, underachieving at school and ending up in front of a judge for an offence, he decided to live with me.

I have got him attending college and extra classes to bring his grades up to spec and give him a chance to get on in life. The csa now say that even though he lives with me,he became eligible for all child support payments from my wages as of the close of the case with my other sons in 2013, when it was found that my ex wife was claiming fraudulently, and that I must now pay my 3rd sons mother extra child support up to the time he came to live with me!! Unbelievable.

They took money from me to give to my ex wife and now I,ve got to pay it again to the mother of my 3rd son, who lives with me! It would seem that Mothers are untouchable and that single fathers just get penalised, regardless of whether they look after the child or not.

Both Mothers have no dependents, sit about on benefits in houses provided by the state. My youngest Sons mother feels there is no need for her to go to work now and help us with child support, despite the fact that I , as a single parent, continue to do so and receive no help from the csa. They just continue to take from me and give the benefit scrounging Mother a bonus at my Sons and my expense.


  • Bill says:

    If are in receipt of child benefit, for the child that lives with you, you can make a claim through the CMS for child maintenance, if you can not come to a private arrangement with the NRP.

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