I am on the breadline because of the CSA

July 30, 2012

I have 2 children being dealt with through the csa. Last October 2011 my wife and I seperated meaning I had to include our 3 children into the claim. It is now coming into August 2012 and nine months I am none the wiser as to what is happening?

An attachment of earnings that has left me on bread line since splitting up, a flat with no furniture or heating and all because i am trying to compensate for the failing of the csa. All information requested has been sent, i have obliged with everything i can.

I too have arrears, nearly £10000 according to them, breakdown what breakdown, ABSENT PARENTS SHOULD BE DEEMED IMPORTANT TOO. Complain to the watchdog, ‘Oh no, Mr Scully you complain to us’ and now i know why hides the shambles they call the csa???

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!


  • C Hall says:

    Hi there, we to have had problems with the csa. My advice to you before you end up in anymore debt and hassle with them is write to your MP. He does help you get sorted out. And quickly too.

  • chall says:


    Have you established whether the CSA have received the information you have sent to them?

    Maybe a good idea to escalate your case to a formal, clearly marked complaint and copy in your local MP – keep copies of all correspondence and post signed for.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • jay says:

    i don’t know how this organisation is still in operation, it’s an absolute mess, they cause so much disruption an unhappiness in good honest people’s lives, nothing is ever altered or changed to this shambles of a so called child support agency, which it clearly is not.
    Why on earth the goverment havn’t done anything about them is unbelievable, we are constantly been harrassed by them, and the mother of my husbands other kids, doesn’t even need all that money, she lives a very rich life, whils we are only just keeping our heads above water literally. To provide a richer life for her !!!!!!

    She has a partner that maintains her life as well, as her ex husband, but the csa never look into the other parties financial background.
    Nothing more than fraud, i am just amazed that despite all of these massive blunders that this organisation is still allowed to function.

    You can’t battle with them, because there so useless they literally do not know what they are doing.
    It needs to be abolished then set up again, to get to the root of the problems.

    Theyv just been on the phone here and ive given them a mouthful, because i’m a mother of a young child. but it’s okay to take from my daughter to give to others !!!
    I told them not to ring our home again

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