I am off work with stress because of the CSA

April 24, 2012

Do the CSA ever read these comments I wonder, but then really its the Government who make the rules. Having written to the Prime Minister twice and got a reply to both of my letters but the lack of interest in what i had to say was phenomenal. My ex partner lives in his rented 1.3million pound house costing him in excess of £4,000 a month in rent, he drives his rather large engine range rover sport/vogue…his new wife who he married 2 Christmas’s ago doesn’t work as she has had his 6th child the other 5 he doesn’t live with, 4 different mothers, drives around in her brand new Audi Q7. He had 15 of my years whilst the others have not even done 5 each. I never married him because I thought giving him the 2 boys I did was the biggest commitment.

Not in the eyes of the law, in fact there is no law for cohabitee’s and no court in this country that will fight for me.

The csa said in November that my ex does not work as he doesn’t pay any tax confirmed the tax man.

It has taken me until now 6 months, to convince the CSA that yes he does work, he has 3 companies and he is advertising for employees and their salaries start at £22,500 pa. I have with the help of friends, found his house taken photos with the cars on the drive and given them evidence that he does live there.

They then tell me that the tax man has confirmed his employer and that he lives somewhere totally different, a very small house not the very large house he actually does live in.

I cried all day with frustration, then I remember a complaint my ex registered with the police because my son text him and told him what he thought of him. My ex gave the police station the address of the very big house he lives in as his address not the very small one he gave to the tax man.

My ex does not live on benefits as he told the CSA he was going to. My ex doesn’t need to live on benefits.

But my ex can live in a massive house and drive massive cars and because they are not an asset he doesn’t have to pay any maintenance say the CSA because they do not take bills into account.

The CSA are now filing a case for me because I have told him about the police reference and because my MP who did respond to my letters as I had copied her in on the letters to the Prime Minister. It was only doing this that I got a case worker to look at my case.

I am off work with stress, now the government will have to help keep me, instead of helping me out 6 months ago.

I will not stop at this, I want to help loan mothers who are in a similar situation as me, alone I wont count for much but together as a united front something might be done with this stupid government!!!


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  1. Carol on April 24th, 2012 12:50 pm

    Your ex knows how to play the system! Basically that is true. When you were together was he a business man at that time? Anything your ex has will be in the name of his business or current wife. Cars will be an asset of the company so technically they are not his. He will pay for petrol and entertainment (dining, pub etc.), mobile phones and put it all through his company then pay himself a very low wage pw if even that! Technically the CSA cannot make an assessment when he was very little income (officially).

    I take it when you were with your ex everything was in his sole name and nothing in joint names so that you could take a share upon separation? I find it strange that a solicitor would not help you .

    Also the CSA find it too hard to collect maintenance when someone is self employed and costs too much money and means someone has to use their brain!! On the other hand when someone is employed through an employer they get hammered with 40% deductions from their salary and have to pay even when the CSA are in the wrong.

    As I have mentioned before I have been on both sides of the AGency and it doesn’t work. I was a PWC for 11 years and never got a penny. Like you I would argue with the CSA, provide information and get absolutely nowhere. NOw living with a NRP and we are being crucified by this Agency. As a single parent I worked (always have since I had my eldest), got tax credits etc. and financially things were not too bad. Now living with a NRP and the CSA taking 40% of his salary I have been told because there are arrears I have to keep him and any arrears involved the CSA take into account the household income and not just his income for maintenance purposes. In anyone’s opinion that is disgusting. CSA are causing my 2 kids to live in almost poverty and splitting my family as financially we cannot afford to be together.

  2. jo on April 25th, 2012 12:21 pm

    get rid of the csa the kids dont benefit the ex does. the dads lose out the kids lose out.

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