I am at the end of a long, hard struggle with the CSA

December 20, 2013

Today I feel terrible, yes suicial NO I WANT TO DIE!!!! Can someone help me kill myself!!!! This is killing me..why why!! Are they punishing me.

I truely am at the end of a hard long struggle with the CSA. Not only was I normal working man paying my private agreement as per our formal arrangement that was until the mother made abusive DEMANDS that I pay more. Which I genuinely could not afford.

NOW she went back to the CSA and this is what the CSA are doing. Now I have NASCSA reprsenting me and this is what they expalained.

I spoke with the CSA yesterday regarding your new assessment and for some reason it has been sent to Bolton to be dealt with clerically. She said they would be issuing you a new maintenance enquiry form and would take 12 – 26 weeks to process. She could not explain why it was being done clerically.

I argued this with her as the enquiry form was returned on 5th November so they have already had it six weeks so unreasonable for it to take a further 12-26 weeks to process. When I queried why they would be sending another form out when they already have the other one including the relevant payslips – she said that was a different centre and they need to send their own out.

She also stated that the effective date of the assessment would go from when you returned this second enquiry form and not from the November when the first one was returned. I would not trust that this would be the case but she refused to confirm this in writing so this is something I will keep a check on when they do eventually get the assessment sorted.

I have raised this argument to the complaints team and as you know we have to give them 15 working days to respond. As we are coming up to the Christmas holidays I would be surprised if we hear from them before the new year.

In the meantime, I calculated that your assessment is likely to be around £86 per week and if it does take the CSA this long to complete the assessment and backdate to either January or November then you will have some arrears. If you are in a position to may be start putting some extra money away so you can pay the arrears when notified or you may decide to work out a repayment plan once a balance has been verified.


  • skippydo says:

    All thank you for your responses, I’m at a lost completely.

    Since I received that information from NASCSA and as you can clearly read the CSA staff are hell bent making life so financially difficult. I must leave my job now.

    I’m told I’m not entitled to claim benefits and I’ve never claimed in my life, no wish to do so – I’ve worked hard always.

    My MP has ignored my repeated requests for assistance. He keeps saying “did you pay her” “have you paid her”.

    I went into pure panic and depression. I am still thinking that suicide is my only option. With NO VOICE then I like many others cannot be heard. We are all doomed.

    I am told that the arrears mostly likely will be nearly £3,000 and I haven’t got a clue where I will get the money to pay it. On top of that my payments would be around £400 a month and I’ve never seen this child! How did the CSA sneak up into my life based on some girl’s say so~! without proper equal assessment.

    How is that term “it takes two to tango” doesn’t also relate to “it takes two people pay also”. I know she is Polish on benefits and that’s a massive advantage for her given she has never worked here or paid taxes and yet I pay taxes! so am I not paying for the support of this child in some way? isn’t is better I work paying my taxes instead of screwing me to the ground until I cannot work!

    I know this battle falls upon deaf MP ears, I know that the press BBC, SKY refuse to touch this subject unless it is about CHILD SUPPORT in a positive light. BUT PLEASE SOMEON HELP ME! HELP THE THOUSANDS of others who are being punished unjustly for merely trying to some fairness in this terrible mess.

    These are normal people, hardworking people and only too willing to pay maintenance IF its done “fairly” “equally” and without “emotional bribery” such as PWC stopping access to the children. How does two people making a child GIVE only person full ownership?

    NO JOB
    NO LIFE!

  • jo says:

    Mel n tribe how sick are you? 86.00 a week if you cannot afford it is alot of any body’s money! You do not know this person’s circumstances or what has happened for it to come this far that he feels so helpless. Got nothing decent to say then say nothing at all. I certainly would not like to see another death because of the csa’s failings and lack of morals that follow it….how is that helping anyone?

  • Bill says:

    The effective date applies from when the MEF is issued to the NRP not from when it is received back from the NRP.
    So it would be a good idea to put something aside for the time when an assessment is completed so the arrears accrued can be met.

  • CSA warrior says:


    What a name

    What I will say is that I have batted the CSA 3 years now. they are a stubborn foe. Ive no doubt that I ve got another 3 to go.
    However to win against the csa its not about smashing them to bits, nor is it about putting one over on them. its about standing up to them. Its not even about winning. its about taking a stand and digging in like an oak tree. because you are right. All the while your standing your fighting. and while you are fighting someone in that office is getting a hard time

    If you commit suicide then you are nothing more than one less problem for them to resolve. We then have one less fighter

    Stay a problem.

    Stick the fight when your hardest hit, its when things seem worse that you mustn’t quit

    We have all reached that point and we have all overcome

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