I am a woman and I hate the CSA

April 15, 2014

I am a woman writing this and want to say how much the CSA or (C**ts support agency, as we all know the mothers spend it on themselves) sucks.

I live with my partner who has paid CSA for 11 years, he has NO arrears. A couple of weeks ago he got paid and I had to transfer money from his account after the bills/CSA were deducted as this was our money to live on. I went on his internet banking to transfer the money to me and like an idiot I transferred £420 to the CSA (It was a mistake as I was doing it on my phone and selected the wrong payee, CSA is in his list as he payees by standing order).

The problem is that the CSA won’t give it me back. Even though we aren’t in arrears. This as left us in ruins. I have no savings, that was all the money we had. We are both bankrupt (him through one of these women again) so we can’t borrow any money to get us through.

I have rung the CSA nearly every day but they just make excuses about why they won’t give it back. It is making me ill phoning them as they talk to you like scum. The ironic thing is that they always give you the line “don’t you want to support the kids” well I have been telling them that the kids I support have been at my house the last two weekends and I can’t feed them because you are keeping my money!!!!!!! They don’t give a toss!!!!!! I have even resorted to selling belongings on Gumtree to feed ourselves and petrol for work.

I contacted my bank and they said they are morally wrong to accept the payment as we have a standing order for £200 so the £420 I sent should of been questioned. They said they could fight it but it will take six weeks, by then I will have owed the £420 so it’s pointless. Beware anyone, please don’t make the same error as me, imagine if it had been thousands of pounds!!!!


  • Tricia says:

    Total scum of the earth and the leeches that use them! I hope you get sorted but I also hope ur not paying them next month because they have had 2 months in one go!

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