I am a pensioner yet I am paying the CSA for my daughter until she is 20

March 10, 2013

I have paid CSA payments for my daughter, and was taken to court to pay outstanding amounts, they declared at court this was the calculated amount and was accurate.

I paid the amount off and I thought I had over paid the due amount by about £1500, they then decided to recalculate the amount I should have paid since the case was closed. They justified they only owed me £41, thanks to their recalculation, though this figure was different what they had presented at court.

Normally once you have been to court and stated the amount of debt you cannot change this, but the CSA is above the law.

Since then I have received letters from the CSA stating the amount I should be paying, although the case is closed.

Now thanks to their mismanagement my ex wife has decided to claim again, and its 3 months since I have supplied the information they required.

Now to show how stupid the whole CSA system is I have had a threatening letter which states they have written to me about the matter before with the incorrect NI number, stating I owe £2500, when I have no case?

Now I am a pensioner and I am suppose to subsidise the government for paying my daughters education until she is 20, while if I was a Polish person I can claim child benefit for children home in Poland, and can they verify they have any, and the number of children? While a Polish person was claiming for 61 children in Birmingham.

Can this government department be allowed to carry on with this function when they are totally ineffective and mismanaged.


  • Alice says:

    what level of course is your daughter studying at college – to meet the Qualifying child criteria she must be in full time non-advanced education – HNC and above is considered advanced, full time is 12 hours or more

  • carol says:

    Everyone is game to the csa OP. Even pensioners. They seem to widen the goalpoasts of law to suit their pockets, without taking into consideration living costs of NRP. But they dont care if you end up on streets broke….plenty more csa claims to chase.

    Alice, as an NRP, may I ask if I went on a nurse training course for three years full time, taking out student loans to cover living expenses….what would the csa expect from me financially?

    Just seriously wondering


  • Alice says:

    Carol – not sure what the deal is with student nurses these days but I do know that a friend trained years ago and she was basically employed by the NHS and her classroom study was part of her training and she got a monthly salary which she paid PAYE on so would be classed as employed.
    If you were registered as a full time student – ie uni or college – and were on a student loan you would be on a nil assessment, but if you worked outwith your course the PWC could apply for a variation on your income

  • carol says:

    Yes I had trained before, and it was a bursary I was given by the nhs. Funny tho, I was thrown out of my home and when I tried for Housing Benefit, they couldnt accept me as I was in receipt of a bursary. If it had been a wage, they could have. I had to give up my course in order for a roof. Another example of the way government rulings can mess up lives for the worse. I would have been a nurse of 14 years now, high up in the grading. Government lost out on a lorra tax for that one…and they ended up paying more as I was claiming benefits for some years afterwards. Silly government thinks its saving by cutting….never learn do they!

    Anyway thank you for your reply, at least I know where I would stand, and even 3 or so years doing a degree full time, meant nil assessment, at least I could live and support my child after completing training.

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