I always try and help the csa but they still make me feel like scum

May 1, 2013

I have been dealing with the csa for over 10 years and I am so fed up with there arrogant manner and there mistake making. Over the years I’ve had letters stating we have been trying to contact you for some time but have had no response from you when I would have talked to someone from the csa only a week prior to the letter.

The best one was when the csa sent me a letter stating why have I stopped payments to the csa and I had built up arrears over £1000. Thing is I pay the csa straight from wages so I have no control over the payments but they insisted i was at fault? I even had a phone call asking why I was driving a brand new van and only paying so much to the csa lol. The van wasn’t new, it was a v reg 1999 it’s just arrogant they even asked me that and the main reason why I now have a problem with the csa is the way they talk to you on the phone or the way the letters are worded. I always try and help the csa but they still some how make me feel like scum.