I admitted that the child is mine but now I’m not so sure

April 26, 2014

I had a one night stand with someone who said that they couldn’t get pregnant but low and behold she did and gave birth to a girl.

I tried to step up and do the right thing but was recovering from cancer and depression and next thing I know she had got the csa on to me and because my mind was in the wrong place I just said that yes she was mine..

Soon after she got with someone else and again became pregnant. I’ve been having serious doubts that the baby is mine but have no contact with the mother.

My name is not on the birth certificate and I’ve been paying every week since… Help????


  • jo says:

    Because you have accepted paternity at the start of a claim csa might refuse a dna test, unless you have sufficient reasoning to why you think the child might not be yours. Csa use a company called cellmark. You can go to court and get the pwc to do one if this is the route you want to go down. Best of luck.

  • Dianr says:

    Can i get the fathers name taken off my sons birth certificates if i want all rights of him to stop

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