Husband’s ex wife expected us to foot the bill for her lifestyle

March 25, 2013

My story starts back in 1998 when the CSA were first contacted after my daughters father ran back to his mums because he couldt cope with being a father.

I was single mum n had to sign on so it was compulsory to let them know fathers details, Its taken the CSA till 2010 to catch up with him after he has worked all that time, had another child with somebody else and paid for that child, then nastily when they caught up with him told them my daughter wasn’t his, DNA test done and paternity proved he started to pay and has done every week, me even helping him with the CSA closing the case and getting rid of arrears so he could afford to live after they were also taking more than 50% of his wage that me and his ex didt actually get, yet in all this time the CSA have hounded my husband for money for his ex wife for numerous years, her lavish lifestyle funded by her now ex husband didt stop through lack of money, just expected us to foot the bill and my kids go without, though he has paid without fail every month until she found out we were getting married after being together since 1999.

OMG did she kick up a stink over that and tried to spoil it, jealousy is the root of all evil.

Why do the CSA always run after men that are fathers and that have contributed to there children and brought up step children financially and emotionally, as my husband has yet leave men like my ex to run free and live a fun lifestyle holidays abroad and nice cars while we have had to struggle paying for 2 families, its bloody wrong.

Took the CSA 11 years to catch my ex with persistent calls and promises they would find him and never did, having to do all the work for them, yet my husband has a DEO slapped on his wage after the ex said he wasn’t paying her without notice and no letters either, then tried to claim we hadn’t paid her anything back to 1997 for a claim that had lay dormant but not closed.

Good job we had bank statements to prove payments and data prints to show all none communication from the idiots who work there, just goes to show they go after the good ones and financially rape them not bothering whether there rent/mortgage is paid, ringing and telling them pleading with them falls on deaf ears, its a case of pay up and shut up.

Being on both ends of this shit agency that claims to lift children out of poverty ha ha what a laugh that is, Children don’t benefit from money, If the laws were same as that abroad and it was one set amount per child regardless of income maybe more men would want to pay for there children, affordable and fair for all, Its about time this place was closed and a whole new thing set up to benefit all concerned,


  • Carrie says:

    Same happened to me !I have been involved with the Agency from its inception in 1993!My oldest children are 31 & 29.Never got a penny for them through the CSA.The compliant nrp’s get no end of demands from the CSA -we are left running 2 families on one wage while the pwc gets everything going !The income of the pwc & partner is not considered -she could be a millionaire or married to one & its wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference!!We haven’t been so fortunate as you & they took into consideration what he paid. Dont they realise these allegations are clearly brought on by jealousy! Our pwc is denying what we paid(we have every single payment on bank statements to her account !) & if she wont admit it (the CSA give her the choice !!)we are having to pay it all again.Another dormant case revived to the benefit of the CSA To say the Child Support Agency isn’t supporting the child that lives with us very well is the under statement of the year !! I think a fairer system is very much needed.

  • lisa says:

    I went back to work not 2 weeks after signing on to make sure we had enough to survive, knowing the ex was out all weekend on the lash made that hard to stomach knowing he wasnt bothered about supporting his child, but hey ho thats life, as a mum i got on with it like you do, I dont think the CSA realise just how much further into poverty they are pushing families that need the help more than ever and living on a wage that most of it had to cover CSA was difficult, They didt take the payments into account from my hubby at first and we had to go to the MP and appeal it, otherwise they would have carried on regardless,
    I dont think the system treats anybody fairly, Like i have always said, A SYSTEM CREATED BY A WOMAN FOR THE WOMEN,Biased and nasty against dads NRP, who want to do right by there kids, yet support the ones who dont want to pay to get away scot free,
    The CSA dont care for the kids in all this, its about meeting targets and getting those bonuses as we all know it happens, I thought we as people human beings were treated fairly in this world, what happened to equality, A word the CSA will never understand, Then they wonder why so many people avoid them at all costs,

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