Husband’s ex spends my children’s tax credits on alcohol

October 8, 2010

I have just been on the phone for 24 mins about my husband’s case. it’s a joke.

I cant get any money for my kids as their father’s dont have an income, however, my partner has to pay 31 quid a week for his daughter that he is not allowed to see cos the step dad says so and likes to throw his weight around and give orders. ok, so they are going to reduce her payments by 20% cos he is living with my 2 kids, but where is the fairness when they have changed her name without my husbands consent and we are not good enough to have her and he is an unfit father according to them but she does not mind the money every week that gets spent on her and not the daughter, she always has nice clothes and a face full of makeup and holds her head up in the air like she is something special, and as for the fed up citizen, the reason they split is cos she slept with my husband’s own brother and cousin amongst everyone else he caught her with.

It makes me sick how my tax credits get taken as an income and the council say that we ‘take home’ that 31 quid-we dont even see it so in affect we have to pay an extra 31 quid rent so we are, if u like, 62 quid worse off. we end up with no spare money after the bills and most weeks we struggle to cover everything. it should be a set rate of maintenance per child, why should u be penalised cos u earn good money, eg, if u earn 400 quid a week why should u have to pay 60 quid csa as apposesd to someone who earns 100 quid and only pays 15. surely the child cost the same amount and there shold be a set rate.

She is on every benefit under the sun with another kid with her bloke and not declared they living together but nothing gets done about that. it’s so unfair. my kids dont see their money-the rent man has it!

This whole system is a joke, we have even considered my husband quitting work and me going full time and that way she gets nothing cos im not paying for her makeup and pub nights when the child walks about in clothes that are too small for her.


  • Brokenfather says:

    I fail to see why his CM for his child should be reduced at all because of your two children, but I also fail to see why his CM should be increased because of CTC that you receive for your two children.

  • Rach says:

    i agree that maintenance and access should go hand in hand

  • Allan Morrell says:

    contact social services…. also use the hotline benefit fraud to report and remain anonimous… get family members or close friends to do same… use public phone box so that way u never reveal ur caller ID… if they play mean… time to play it back….

  • Allan Morrell says:

    the more reports that r made… they av 2 look into it…. report them to the housing authority and housing benefit…. they will have an investigator watching their moves…. may take some time 4 them 2 gather their evidence of fraud.. but it will b dun.. I know!!!!! experienced some1 reporting my ex for same wen I was residing without declaration….

  • graham mason says:

    its so frustrating – im in the same boat with my ex spending all the 230 I pay a month on herself. The law and the csa will definetely not help – just keeping thinking of the selfish mother and think “what comes around goes around”

  • Charlie says:

    There is not a set amount for every child as why shoulda NRP who earns £50k not give more to their child as they would have done if they lived together, likewise if the amount was higher then average persons wage allows you would always be in arrears long after the child comes of age.
    Lastly payments are reduced when someone moves in with/ has kids with someone with other kids as families pool resources as a general rule. Therefore as s/he has other responsibilities to fulfil the amount has to be reduced

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