Husband’s ex is vindictive and our disabled son suffers

March 30, 2013

My husband’s ex changes with the wind, one minute a private payment arrangemnt is acceptable and the next she contacts csa. It is purely vindictive on her part.

However my son is disabled and in receipt of dla and included in the child tax credits is a small disability uplift which csa are taking into account as household income. This is utterly disgusting.

Why should my disabled son have to suffer even more. Surely this cannot be right, legally or morally. Can anyone help me please.


  • lisa says:

    Thats just morally wrong, They are not allowed to touch the disability element of your childs money thats the law, make a complaint against them, seriously they take the piss the CSA, thats your childs money to help him with whatever he needs, how dare they take from him like that,
    CSA complaints free phone number 08007838527 You may have been phoning and complaining to the CSA for a long time getting nowhere use this guide and you will see how quickly they respond. Please do excuse if I repeat the steps I have done this for a good reason. 1.Complain and Appeal and get your MP involved EMAIL the complaint and appeal copy everyone in.
    2.Order your Data Prints by post and email.
    3.Email all and sundry use the email list and email them every couple of days to remind them.
    4.Not happy with data prints items missing Complain to ICO be sure to copy everyone in. [email protected]
    This is what you do immediately if you believe the CSA are taking too much from you! ■First thing you must do is make an official Complaint and Appeal *EMAIL THE COMPLAINT*and contact your MP and get them involved regarding your issues you are having with the CSA. Mention that you believe that they have made an Official Error. Ask the CSA for the decision to be set aside as they are not leaving you enough to live on and is going to cause you an injustice. This is based upon Regulation 55 of the Child Support Act (Maintenance Assessment Procedure) 1992
    Attach a copy of ALL your outgoings, even the things the CSA don’t allow for. Email a copy to your MP and all of the others in the email list further below it should get passed straight to the chief executive’s office. It is very much more than likely that they will then find errors in your assessment going back several years and use that as an excuse to drop the payments. You can find who your MP is via here As you will be emailing many politicians, ministers, ICE, ombudsman, complaints team etc all at the same time as per the email list below your emails will more than likely be forwarded to your MP in anyway. or use their [email protected] for example [email protected] [email protected] or simply just Google your MP if you know who they are and you will find their email address on their website. This is the email distribution list you are going to use for your Official Complaint and Appeal. Your MP [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    Use this document, then if your not satisfied go further and get it bumped upto ICE, The CSA are a law unto themselves and rely on people not saying anything to get bonuses and extra money within there pay, i always say never tell them any other income other than the wage, the ex gets enough as it is,
    Good luck

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