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Husband has his own business and doesn’t pay CSA

My husband had his own business when we were married, the same business he still has today. I first applied for maintenance money in 1999 when we separated for our three children.

Over the years my exhusband managed to avoid paying for any of the children. How he did this, i will never know, and the CSA were anything but helpful!!! In fact i felt at times i was asking for money that i wasnt entitled to, and i was a problem to them. I contacted my local MP, and did all i could to get the money i deserved and entitled to.

Only last year, i was awarded 60.00 per money, money for my youngest son. This large amount was meant to also cover arears built up over the last 13 years. However, i have just received a letter telling me, i was now awarded 24.46 per month!!! I have just came off the phone and almost in tears, as the woman was patronising and not one bit empathetic.

It’s disgusting, as i will also add that at this time my exhusband is presently sunbathing abroad on holiday with his new partner and their two children, no doubt laughing all the way to the bank….where is the justice!!!!

2 thoughts on “Husband has his own business and doesn’t pay CSA

  1. What he might be doing is offsetting his tax, made his company ltd, put it in his partners name….all legal I’m afraid, and just a number of things that can be done to avoid cm payments, but not easy to prove. Also if he has other children, then they are regarded in assessments too. If there are arrears, see what avenue you can go down to enforce them, but as long as he’s paying something, then to the law he’s fulfilling his duties, fair maybe not, but what more can be done?

  2. Im sorry to hear this and jay has explained what he prob doing. Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and other groups for advice and support as its a long winded process to complain but if you dont do it soon, you will either be charged, it will be scrapped and there doesnt seem to be a body to replace it, sure the way this government is going there wont be!

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