Husband chased for money for period he was denied overnight access

December 4, 2011

My partner has had constant contact with his 5 year old daughter for the past 3 years when he and his previous partner separated.

When I met him this contact still remained but his ex got more and more controlling regarding contact. She then decided in October 2010 to stop all contact between him and his daughter. He went to a solicitor and after 4 months the case was finally resolved and access was implemented through a court order. Since then he has had countless letters demanding arrears for £400 for the time he did not have his daughter over night.

This was obviously due to court proceedings and he informed the CSA what was happening, that the mother had stopped access and he has paid £1500 to get his access back in place. He today has had another letter demanding he now pays these arrears either in monthly installments or in one go.

The CSA have said that court fees are not taken into consideration? We have since had a baby ourselves which is now 4 months old. He informed the CSA the day after the baby was born and to date they still have not reduced his payments.

I feel the whole system is working for the wrong people. What the CSA are basically saying is, if a mother decides she wants a bit of extra cash tell the father they cant see their children allow them to pay excessive fees to see them again and drag the process out for as long as possible so they get a nice lump sum back payment after the court has rein stated access.

Where do we stand in battling with the CSA to force this decision in being re looked at?


  • janet says:

    They won’t take court costs into account which is wrong and won’t reduce payments until the arrears have been paid then when doing reassesment you will pay a little less

  • Mick says:

    You got it in one. When a PWC can deny over night access to a NRP without the need for a court order it is indeed a licence to print money for the NRP. Where is the incentive for a spiteful PWC to give over night access to the NRP when it means they stand to get less in maintenance! My ex wouldnt let my daughter stay regularly enough with me to enable my maintenance to be reduced by at least 2/7ths per week ( before she cut me out completely that is ). It was never about what was best for my child. It was all about the MONEY! Nothing more. Some spiteful PWC cant stand the idea that the NRP is entitled to actually move on with their life as well as them. So they use the kids as pawns in sick twisted little mind games to try and keep some form of control over their ex even though they are no longer a couple. They dont want their ex any more but want to ensure the NRP isnt going to be happy anywhere else either. Pure spite, nothing more. When that fails, thats when access gets cut off ( just how mine did ) I wouldnt dance to her tune any longer so she cut me out of my childs life completely for 4 years. By the time i was able to re establish contact without my exes interference the damage was already done. My daughter blames me for as good as abandoning her and nothing i say or do will convince her otherwise. She wants nothing further to do with me now. The system is supposed to work for the child, not the PWC as a hammer to beat the NRP into the dust with.

  • janet says:

    Mick your situation is not unique and if you pursued it in court you would have got mediation or a contact order if it was my child I’d not wait 4 years?? you blame the ex a lot and it is your fault as well

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