How will the CSA treat my move to self-employment?

August 10, 2014

I separated from my ex wife at the beginning of 2011 (now divorced) and have two children under the ages of 8.

I began a new relationship at the end of 2011 (guessing things wouldn’t work) and I am still with the same partner.

I work full time and get paid PAYE, but I pay the CSA via Direct Debit. My partner and myself wish to setup a new business, bt to do this, I must keep ,y daytime job to initially fund the land, offices etc. (all of which will cost me approx. £2000 per month for about 10-15years) I don’t intend drawing a wage as the business property will also have a new home sited for my partner and myself.

I assume..

The CSA will only see my income from my current employer and deduct 20% of it.

The CSA will not take into account that I have a business which I have to sustain using my full time employment?

to summarise:-

The home and 90% of the property will belong to my partner. I will own 10% Which will be used for one business (at the weekends) I will still use my wekk day employment to assist with the finances.

I currently pay over £600 per month for two children my ex will not allow me to see for kicking her out for not being honest with me.


any ideas how the CSA would see this?


  • spinner says:

    Badly, I think would be fair to say. They will put you through their special investigation department and will threaten you with all sorts.

    To stop them harassing you I would recommend for this transition period using an organisation like the NACSA who will speak to them on your behalf and manage the case on your behalf so legally they are not allowed to contact you directly. They will also tell you have to phrase communication with the CSA so as to not drop yourself in it.

    I have a business and a nil assessment and to be honest it’s the only way to deal with them as if you try to do things by the book, then they will be all over you. I literally haven’t heard from them for years now.

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