How to stop CSA harassment

December 14, 2014

I was paying 25% of my salary directly to my ex, when after 3 months she wanted to go through ‘CSA’ , the initial delay caused arrears also 7 attempts at a calculation for payments which were all wrong, so i made a complaint, and asked to have my complaint escalated , but was given assurances that this latest assessment was accurate.

Then out of the blue without warning my employers recieved a court order which took over £300 out of my salary , i spoke to my employers and they advised they could do nothing as it was a court order, i was taking my 2 younger children on holiday but now had very little spending money.

I made a complaint and because of all of the previous failed assessments/calculations i decide to complain of harassment by ‘CSA’, they made me an award of £25 compo, the following year june 2012, the same thing happened, i asked for my previous complaint to be escalated and to prevent any further action i received £100.

If you’re complaining to ‘CSA’ make it a complaint of harassment and if u dont like the first response ask to have it escalated. they dont bother me any more and ive 2 payments to make and i will be stopping the standing order after last payment on 1st july 2013. i empathize!!