How to I prove ex is lying about his income?

September 2, 2015

Im needing some advise my ex husband pays through csa ive always claimed that his wages were worked out incorrect and have been told that i have to prove they are incorrect how i do this i have no idea ?? i have just found quite a few wage slips of his from 12 years ago ( we have been seperated 10 years the wages show he was on alot more money then than he says now he is in the exact same job wages have gone up not down would they use these as evidence ive been told that its he only has to give them figures over the phone and they dont need to see proof so he can tell them anything , how is this fair ?? any advise welcome.


  • Jo says:

    CSA do not just take his word for it, if he is on PAYE or self employed then they go through hmrc to get his income….okayvwith being self employed it’s easier to cook the books but not when you’re working for an employer, plus when my husband was assessed he had to give last 3 months wage slips. They would not accept wage slips from 10 years ago.

  • Lisa says:

    Get a grip and go and get a job instead of expectING a free lifestyle at your exs expense! Just because he has a good job why do you think your entitled to.some of that! I hate greed

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