How much will the CSA take from my partner?

September 10, 2013

Hi, my partner is on ESA at the moment and currently pays the flat rate of CSA to his ex for his one child at £5 per week plus and extra £1 per week for his debt of £400.

We are currently expecting a child together and when she or he is born, I will be going back to work full time at minimum wage of £832 after tax while he will remain on benefits.

I will be eligible for £62 per week working tax credits and £23 per week child tax credits. I will obviously be the higher earner in the relationship.

The case was opened after 2003. I would like to know approximately how much the CSA will then take from my partner when I’m receiving working tax credits and child tax credits to top up my salary?

For example, will they take the child tax credits and working tax credits into account? And if they do, do they take ALL the credits as his income or half of them because I’m the one that’s working and because we have another child to look after? I want to know prior to claiming tax credits so I know wether we will be much better off if we ‘separate’ before I claim the tax credits. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Frances Drew says:

    My partner is SEM, last year I was the higher earner so they took half my child tax credit into account when working out his payments.
    I don’t get WTC as our combined earnings are too high apparently!
    Not sure if that helps you?
    my only concern is if my partner has earnt more than me this tax year are they going to refund me anything…… I suspect not.
    It’s an awful system, I wish you luck. Keep a log of every call you make to them and send anything recorded delivery and keep copies.

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