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How much should my ex be paying the CSA?

I have a 3 year old son whose father left prior to his birth. whilst he has reguarly paid maintenance through a private agreement, it has always been based on CSA guidelines.

As part of my divorce – complete Dec 2009, he was to pay 20% of his wages. Since then, he moved in with a lady who has a child and therefore reduced amount to 17%. He now also has a child of his own with her and they all live int the same house. His salary was £36k in Oc 2009. I have seen no increase in relation to any pay rises since OCt 2009.

He has now advised me that due to his finacial situation, he will only be paying me £150 pm from the 1st December. Whilst I appreciate that specific numbers cannot be given, I would appreicate guidance on what he should be paying me as a percentage of his income, now he is living with and has another child of his own.

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  1. He will only pay 15% of his net salary minus around 2.5% for each child that lives with him so basically around 10% of his salary. If he as his son stop over 1 or more nights he will be entitled to a 1/7th or 2/7th or 3/7th reduction dependant on the number of nights he stops

  2. hi alison.csa work it out as 20% of 36000 will be allocated for the 2 children that live with him,then they will award your son with 15% of the remaining which case im sure it would be more than the 150 he is currently offerin.its up to you if you think its worth applyin to the csa.

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