How much should I pay my ex for my daughter?

November 27, 2011

Hi, I have recently split up with my partner whom I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter with. Like it is for most couples, it is a very difficult and challenging time for all concerned. Due to work commitments for both myself and my ex partner child care ie, full time nursery is looking like the preferred option by my ex at great expense £600+ per month. Although there is other options available, for example my sister in law and my mother. Also, due to my shift pattern I am often off during the week so would be able and very willing to care for our daughter all day every day as and when I can.

At this moment in time I earn £1,410 approx per month (take home after tax) my total out goings will be approximately £875 just for my mortgage, car and bills. I will also spend £150 in diesel (per month) plus food costs to live.

My ex partner is also in fulltime employment and earns £35,000+ per year (before tax) her out goings for rent ect or currently approximately £900 per month.

Obviously, as our daughter is only 5 months old I do expect to be having overnight stays for some time but I do spend a lot of time with her taking her out three or four times a week including bath and bed times etc, when my shifts a allow.

My question is, based on the information above, approximately how much should I be contributing per month to help support my daughter based on the guidelines you use ?

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  • janet says:

    If the child doesn’t say over it be about 52 pounds a week

  • Mick says:

    The CSA would expect no less than 15% of your nett income if they get involved regardless of any of your other outgoings. So 15% of £1410 = £211.50. Thats what they would take. If you have your child more than 104 nights per year the above figure would be reduced by 1/7th for each night per week your child is resident under your roof.My advice to you is, if you can come to an amicable arrangement with your ex that works out to less than the figure i have quoted above, you are onto a winner and no CSA hounding you. If not, start saving that figure from the date the CSA make first contact with you, because thats the effective start date they will charge you from. If it takes them 6 months to get round to assessing you, you will get a backdated bill, which if you havent got the cash to pay arrears up front, it will be added onto your regular maintenance until it gets cleared. The only other nugget i can offer you is, once the CSA are involved, dont make any further payments to your ex because you are unlikely to get them back and will end up paying twice from the start to implementation dates. Once direct and again via the CSA. So if possible, keep the CSA out of it completely. Hope this helps.

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