How much should I be paying for my three year old daughter?

April 25, 2013

I would like to know how much I should be paying for my 3 year old daughter?

I earn a salary of £18,800 (recently raised from £18,400) and I have been paying £75 a month. Now I transfer from my bank to the mother of my child’s every month and I have done this for over a year and a half now – she has not declared this to the CSA as far as I know. She is demanding more money and threatening to tell the CSA about it so I thought I’d contact them first. I have taken her to court over welfare issues concerning her partner (both on benefits and living together illegally)so set days over my 7 week work rota were arranged and agreed. I have my daughter at least 8 days a month (twice a week minimum). My ex partner has got wind that me and my current partner are to be married so presumes im earning more money, however after being involved in an RTA september of last year, the money we are using is our compensation – apparently she is entitled to some of this even though she had no involvement according to her??

I am also taking my little girl and son + partner to disney in may – again my ex partner has brough this up too – even though im paying for my daughter + her passport + new clothes + food whilst staying + having her for 6 days/nights straight this is still an issue to my little girls mother. Am I being unreasonable or is she the one being petty? Also could I demand receipts for every penny I give her to prove she i spending the maintenance on my daughter? I believe that she is using it for herself and her partner (alcohol). Please help!


  • Macon says:

    Don’t contact the csa if you can help it they are the most incompetent useless waste of space ever assembled into an agency who lie and only worry about there own jobs and bonus , the max you pay is 15 % of you take home pay so if £18,800 is before tax and insurance that will make £1300.15 take home pay so you will have to pay the CSA £195 per month but this would be reduced as you have your kid staying with you for mor than 52 day per year hope this helps somewhat !!!

  • Alice says:

    assuming the £18800 is gross this equates to net pay per week of £300.03
    I assume the son you refer to is resident in your household so this would mean you are eligible for a ROC allowance (Relevant Other child) – this would be 15% of your income (£45) so your assessment will be based on £255.03 for 1 child your assessment would be 15% (rounded up or down to the nearest £1) = £38 per week

    if you have your daughter overnight on the 8 days per month this qualifies you for shared care allowance at bandwidth 1 – this would be 1/7th of your weekly maintenance assessment = £5.43 – so your weekly liability would be £32.57 per week
    this would equate to £141.14 per calendar month

    if the 8 days per month that you have your daughter do not include overnight stays your weekly amount would be £38 – this equates to £164.67 per calendar month.

    The CSA will not take your RTA compensation into account when doing your CM assessment.

    Unfortunately you would not be entitled to demand receipts from your ex to ensure that the money is being spent on your daughter. If you have ongoing concerns over the welfare of your daughter whilst she is living with your ex and her partner you can contact the relevant authorities such as social services or make application via the family courts for your daughter to be placed in your care.

  • Macon says:

    283 pounds per year saving for taking for taking Your kids for 92 days per year and his ex gets 38 quid per week Alice I have askesked you numerous questions and still no answer why ?

  • Alice says:

    @ Macon – sorry if I have missed questions that you have asked
    in respect of the shared care allowance – the allowance is as per bandwidth
    bandwidth 1 which covers 52-103 nights per year is 1/7th of the MC
    bandwidth 2 covers 104 – 155 nights per year is 2/7th of the MC
    bandwidth 3 – equal to 3 nights per week – is 3/7th of the MC
    Bandwidth 4 – which is applicable if 50/50 shared care is 50% of the weekly MC less £7 abatement (the abatement is based on roughly half of the CHB that is in payment to the PWC)

    the shared care reduction is based basically on the average nights per week that the child stays overnight with the NRP – so if it’s an average of 1 night per week then the NRP’s weekly liability is reduced by 1/7th of the assessment.

    the MC is based on the NRP’s net income along with any ROC allowances etc that are applicable

  • Macon says:

    DON’T PHONE THEM your life will. never be your own again and after 17 year when your kids is 20 they will make up fictitious arrears they will never let go there is Alice telling you what you pay it looks very simple calculation pity the CSA get it wrong more times than they get it wright !

  • Sally says:

    Hi Kristopher – i’d listen to Macon before i’d take heed to what Alice says…. Macon lives in the real world and Alice works for the CSA….

    Alice has an invested interested in highlighting the rules and legislation surrounding the CSA to make it seems attractive (clear and concise information) as it ensures he/she keeps herself and CSA employees in a job!!! however, in reality CSA staff are idiots who do not understand and/or apply the rules and legislation Alice outlines above (which is why there are thousands and thousands of complaints).

    They consistently make mistakes, lie and as Macon says, invent fictitious arrears (thousands of people have lost their homes because of the CSA, its lies and fictitious arrears)…. the do not care about you, the PWC or the child involved…. all they care about is the money…..

    Avoid the CSA at all costs…. I am speaking from experience… unfortunately!

  • Gonk says:

    Take what Alice says with a pinch of salt…as Sally says,she will just spout legislation and the CSA rule book and never never help you.
    Join the Facebook page dedicated about the misery this scum cause people.Speak to lisa Roberts.she will give you better advise and options if there are any ? Alice will just tell you about the CSA rules and law in order to seal your fate with them.
    Take Challs advise with the same pinch of salt.

  • Gonk says:

    Oh and that’s another disgusting disturbing set-up that the Nrp has no control over and is just not right…let alone fair.Alices point about receipts. Why the f**k can’t a Nrp demand to know how his money is being spent Alice…why the f**k shouldn’t he be entitled to know? That leaves the money forced out of him open to abuse and the CSA don’t give a shit. So much for their title “child support agency”…PMSL
    Hey Alice…yes…I know…it’s not in the CSA remit to ensure the money is spent on the child…again very convenient since there’s no way of tracking where the money is spent……the treasury pot.

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