How much should i be paying for Child maintenance?

December 5, 2010

I have 3 children. 1st 18 years old, 2nd 16 years old with cystic fibrosis, 3rd 10 years old. The 2 oldest do not come that often the 3rd come at least 52 days a year plus i take him away on holiday for a week or so every year. i also intend to have him stay over 1 night in the weeek. At present we have an agreement but my ex-wife is looking to increase the amount i pay.

I have worked it out at £433.32 per month I earn £1,827 net per month. This amount never changes. I work as a prison officer for hm prison service. I arrive at this calculation due to the 2 eldest not staying that much and the 3rd staying over more often. If i had all 3 on the higher rate I would pay £455, if I had all 3 stay on the next rate, I would pay £390.

The difference being £65. devide that by 3. £21.66 adding that x2 to the £390 making £433.32 I have always payed for the kids by way of a standing order direct to my ex-wifes bank account. Could you please advise me to my calculation. Regards !

Mr A Jewell


  • Allan Morrell says:

    why does the ex want more money?

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    ok is the 18 yr old in further education,does the 16 ur old stay on at special education til 19 yrs old,ok yes for sure you will have to pay but its only about them being in education that you have to pay.

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    ok firstly is the 18 yr old and 19 yr in education if not then you dont need to pay

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    sorry i meant as in you would not need to pay for them as for the 10 yr old then yes but do a calculation on csa website that gives you an estimated amount

  • Jason Wallace says:

    Hi there.If you have three kids then the figure is 25% of your nett pay. If you are caring for a child in your second relationship then the figure is reduced by 15%.the 52 night rule is a nightmare – don't anticipate getting anything back from that

  • Allan Morrell says:

    52 night period is a nightmare if ex is not willng to confirm this with CSA if CSA become involved!

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Yep..even with a court order!

  • chall says:

    Hi A Jewell,

    If your case commenced on OR after 03/03/03, you can use the CSA calculator

    If your case commenced before that date, its more complicated.

    chall ~

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