How much is enough!

September 18, 2008

Hi, I have recently been fleced by the CSA. I called the CSA and asked if I should set up a private agreemen. They said yes thts fine and we would rather you did that. I then called the mother of my daughter and said. “Give me you bank account details, I will drop £1000.00 into your account tomorrow and £300 a month from now on. ” She told me to f off. So it has now all ended up in the CSA.

I thought I was being resonable. I know of guys who’s ex partners are getting 60 a week for two children, Im going to be looking at paying pos £600.00 a month for one through the csa. I have no other children. And have never married. If its a fair system. Why does one child get £30.00 a week and the next one £600.00,? Dont gwet me wrong. Its my daughter. I was trapped and never wanted to be in this situation. I dont mind paying. But £600.00 a month plus the goverment payments. No way. Can somebody please get back to me.



  • Your a male and you are screwed matey, thats what the Government has done to every divorced father in this country, the women know this and tha law allows it to happen, just look at how f4j tried to get family laws changed, we are living in a corrupt country with the CSA being the worst Government run body run mostly by misandry women.
    Join the Dead Beat Dads Association we are hoping to get together enough people to take to the streets to make it public knowledge of how this corrupt Government run Agency is treating fathers. We are looking at hitting the streets where every CSA office is located. Please pass the word around folks lets shame these idiots

  • christine hammond says:

    i feel heartly sorry for you but i wish men wouldnt automatically assume that all ex wives are the same. ive never had a penny off my ex husband in nearly 13 year and because the CSA say they have no durastiction for germany it doesnt look like im going to get anything either so before you men slag women off, just take time to think about me and a few more women in my position who have never had anything off you men because theymove to other countries so they can forget about their responsibilites

  • zx122003 says:

    I’m not refusig to pay a sensible amount of money to brig up a child. But to be forced to pay £600.00 a month for one chid when she already gets all the other bennifits this goverment hands out is out of order. I already pay %40 of my salary in tax to the goverment. which in turn hands it out to To your illegal immigrations, junkies and single mums who could work when the children are in nursery. But choose not to, because this government does not screw them. It facilitates them not to bother. The professional people of this country are leaving in droves leaving the dross behind. You know why. I tell you why. Cos we have worked hard, climbed the ladder, only to be screwed over and over again. And thank fully we are in a position to work any where in the world. Good by Britannia. Your sinking and rapidly becoming the dustbin of the world

  • dazzer says:

    the way is worked out means you pay the DSS amount for your child and if they are under 11 you pay a carrers allowance for the resident parent. If personally feel that it take 2 people to bring a child into this world so 50 % of the responsibility should lie with the resident parent. I had to go to court to see my little girl and won every other weekennd pluse half all school holidays this was due to a bitter and twisted mother. When is spoke to the Csa to ask that the 16,000.00 be taken into consideration they informed me it was my choice to go to court to see my daughter when it was actually the mother who initiated it by stopping me seeing my duaghter. I do however feel sorry for the staff at the CSA as they are trying to work with corrupt government legislation, and now to different set of rules for the new system and old system. If the resident parent does not work the money you pay goes to the government and they do not see it as they get the same benifits. I have heard of a way of getting out of this but you need the cooperation of your ex by her saying that she doesnot wish the CSA involved due to your temper and they will step away but you will have to pay her cash in had so she benifits. If any one wishes to set up a lobby group about the injustices of the CSA both parent who are not getting enough and parrent paying to much i,ll sign upto it as i feel that the CSA a willing to sap every penny off the parent willing to pay and leave the problems cases in a back draw as it is to much like hard work.

  • zx122003 says:

    Lets turn the table. If a guy is seeing a woman for casual sex. And that woman gets pregnant by mistake. She is then pregnant, this pregnancy was un intention. On both parties. When they agreed to hve sex it was under the presumption that the girl was using protection. She then syas that she was not using any protection. When she has told the guy she was. She then decides to keep the child. The man has no choice in this. Well to be fair. Woman are then 100% responsible. How about woman who get pregnant to a single guy must hand over the child to the father. The father is then given a house to live in child benefit etc..full custody of the child and the woman must go to work. After she has been at work for 40 hours a week she must pay 15% of her salary to the man. When she works over time, she must hand over 15%, when she claims petrol allowance, she must pay 15% when she is working in highly volatile parts of the world to earn more money she must pay 15%. When she has a meal in a hotel because she is working over seas in dangerous parts of the world and she claims expenses she must pay 15% of that as well. Well ladies what do think? How do like them apples?

    Now that would be fair.

  • cooka says:

    why do we have to pay £596.00 per month to a mother that has never got off her backside to try and find a job now that the kids are over 16 she got them to sign on to careers office which means we have to keep on paying until csa says no can anyone tell me because she is on benefits and the new rules after 27 October is she allowed to keep all the maintenace and not have to pay any rent or council tax

  • Jeff Stevenson says:

    zx122003 – If you have sex with someone, it is both parties responsibility to use protection. If you didn’t want a child you should of thought more about protecting yourself, rather than relying on the other party to use protection.

    cooka – From the 27th October with the Section 6 changes, the Parent with Care on Benefits will now get £20 of the Child support per week instead of the previous £10 and can keep any more on top of that, which is paid but has to inform the Benefits Agency who would reduce her entitlements accordingly.

  • CSA Victim says:

    A word of warning to anyone with a private agreement

    I had one with my ex and it lasted peacfully for years, It included an agreement that neither of us would ever use the CSA again. All was fine until she demanded more money and i said NO. next I know those theiving scum are on my back again. Their reply to my complaint “its up to her if she wants to use us”

    So these agreements are only binding on the farther and as always they will ignore facts to pursue you

  • Steve Davies says:

    I have a 13 year old from a previous relationship, I have recently become a father again and contacted the CSA to log the fact that my Wife was on maternity leave and that my son was born on the 30th Oct, as I didnt send in the info immediately they are taking my claim as of the day they received the info, total joke, the other load of crap is travelling to work costs. I live 17 miles away from my work and travel a minimum of 34 miles a day , some days I do 68 miles. This counts for nothing as travel costs are based on distance as the crow flies!!! That means as my car cant go over water I lose out by being 10 miles under the minimum!!! WORK THAT ONE OUT!!! Bet you the government ministers claiming mileage would have a heart attack if their finance department told them they couldnt get their mileage allowances as they hadnt recorded mileage as the crow flies!!

  • Struggling Mom says:

    It looks very much like the CSA are only protecting their own need to not have to work very hard!

    I can’t find any positive stories about the CSA, but then perhaps no-one needs to write it down when things are going well?

    I was married to a top rate tax payer, he earns good money and gets at least 25% of his salary as a bonus… We left him when the violence started on the children and went to a refuge, I filed for divorce when he punched my father in the face.

    For well over a year my ex lived in the nice family home whilst 3 children, our baby and I lived in what is delightfully described as temporary accommodation. Eventually (over a year later) the courts awarded the children and me the house (complete with its killer mortgage), no maintenance for me (that’s cool, the house was a reasonable swap) and the “CSA rate” maintenance by court order for the children. In return I had to pay him a large lump sum in cash as a deposit on his own property, with the assurances that the court system would make him pay………..

    You guessed. I paid, he didn’t. It took 4 months to get it back to court, where he was ordered to pay……… He paid for 4 months and then decided that as his new partner was pregnant he should stop paying!

    Back to court it went, where the court said (despite their earlier promises to protect the kids) that it was a matter for the CSA, who were “a very effective organisation” – What planet does that judge live on, does he not read the papers?

    Two months later, the CSA make a decision and they use the wrong salary figures and ignore the bonus, expense payments, etc. etc. etc. I supply the correct ones and they say “yes, that matches our paperwork.” I reply to say in that case, how do you get the figure to be almost £200 less than your on-line service.” The reply is that since they have no new evidence, they can’t do anything else…. I asked them why they didn’t use the old evidence properly, and their response was that if I was going to be unreasonable they could refuse to talk to me!

    I will now be going to tribunal to challenge their process. I’d much rather have had the child support as a lump sum, not had such a big mortgage etc. etc. but I was told I could not forfeit the children’s rights to “proper and reasonable maintenance” – yes, the maintenance that the children don’t get and have not had for well over 2 years…

    Clearly the right to screw up a child’s right to proper support lies solely with the government…

    Why are the good dads who want to pay bulied and fleeced, whist the rubbish ones are allowed to ride roughshod over the system?

    Facts are totally irrelevant to the CSA and it seems that there is no real right to challenge their arrogance!

    Time for a change?

  • garry. says:

    i have just been hit by the c.s.a due to a bitter mother just wanting more and more.the c.s.a have assesed me and say that i have to pay £41.73 per week on my earnings but then they rounded it up to £42.00..i contacted them and asked how could this be right..they just keep repeeting to me that its the law.i have asked how can it be law to in ” essence ask for £41.73 and then steal 27p” i thaught it was against the law to steal..if we went into a shop and was 27p short to pay for something but took it anyway we would get prosicuted..but who can prosicute the c.s.a…if anyone can help please tell me..its not that i dont want to pay for my kids coz i was doing that before the bitter mother went to the c.s.a but i dont want to pay extra and no that they wont benefit from it.

  • SB says:

    Garry, you can write in and ask for a clerical assessment to be done on your case, it brings up different figures to a computerised one, but they do round figures off, it is done with everyone. If you wish to request a clerical assessment then ask for it under the FOI Act 2000 and send it recorded delivery to your office that deals with your claim. Hope this helps.

  • distressedfamily says:

    Can someone explain this clerical assessment to me please im struggling with the csa im paying £510 pounds a month for one child and i have been paying for years and my arrears are up 5000 although i paid 2 grand last year towards the arrears it hasnt made a slight bit of difference ?????

  • Alistair says:

    sometimes it’s not the dad’s that get screwed. My partners ex husband had a court order that said he must pay £500 a month for his two children…after he signed it he turned round to my partner and said, changed my’s £100…taking it back to court would just eat all the money in legal fees. So she tried the CSA…they’ve turned round and made it £60 a month. this despite him driving around in a brand new BMW M3 convertible, owning two houses and a shop!!!

    I can see that it’s not fair on all people but don’t for one moment think they always screw the dads over!!

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