How much do you typically pay per child?

July 24, 2012

The CSA is a complete and utter joke! It’s simply an institution which is anathema to common sense. There’s is a saying that it is better to let criminal go than punish the innocent.

How much do you typically pay per child?

The CSA should target run away parents not those who clearly care for their kids and can proof they do. I share the frustration of majority of you, why should you be paying for your former partner’s life style? And why is it that the CSA don’t understand that non resident parents’ efforts in buying their child clothes, shoes, etc are not considered in their estimates?

I think every penny non resident parents pay should be considered and like many people on here have suggested. It should be paid as vouchers not cash! It’s absolutely unfair!

My story: my ex had 3 kids before we met. After our one of our first together, she wanted another baby, I refused and I explained to her that we don’t need another baby in the household all we now need is put effort to give the kids best education and upbringing. She refused, this caused lots of arguments and this led to our separation. I really wanted to make things work, and I have my family under the same roof, I later I agreed to another baby. I love my children and I adore them a lot but it was a mistake.

Soon after the baby was born, she mooted that she wanted another baby, I categorically refused. Anyway she ended the relationship and soon after I got a letter from the CSA. I got in touch with her, explained to her with can do it differently as I iwill struggle to pay my bills if the CSA start taking that money from me. I response was I should “work two jobs then”? This came from a woman who doesn’t work, her sister and brother never worked. Their ages range between 34 and 44. And they want me to work two jobs when I already do a full time job.
As for me, I’ll struggle or get into further debt so I’m considering quitting my job altogether. I don’t know how I’ll cope without not having a job etc but why should I have to humiliated, and made to feel useless when I have.always provided for my kids.

It is important CSA is reformed, its unfair that responsible non resident parents are not considered. If you can proof that you buy things they need for your kids, etc, I think it should be considered when they make their estimates.


  • Terry norris says:

    I feel for you and totally agree with every single word you say.i will give it you in a nutshell…the csa do not give a toss about the welfare of the is a government organisation set up to rob easy hard working NRP’s like yourself and me uses the name csa as a smoke screen…it is’s another tax to claw back the money from people like us that it shovels out in the ton load to scrounchers and lazy bastards and in particular loan parents single mothers who have kids to get this money along with all the other benefits inc a free roof over theirs heads,council tax all paid for by good old you and I lol…makes you sick don’t it.
    They are a ” rob Peter to pay Paul ” organisation.
    It’s rich and disgusting that these vultures don’t take any outgoings into consideration when assessing you for what they intend to rob from wife walked out on me 5 yrs ago because basically you got bored..I treated her good never beat,abused,verbally or otherwise and she just moved onto to the next idiot that she could bleed dry of money.taking my little girl with her at the age of 3 and my reward is being forced to pay her £320 a month and I rarely see her and only when it suits her.
    She lives with another guy that works and is probably lying to the benefits people telling them she’s a single parent.and I have no say how my money is I up just subsidising their income and that makes my fucking blood boil and the csa don’t understand why they are hated by nrp’s ??? Because they are unjust and unfair.lastly,they will never listen or play fair with NRP’s ……why…..because its those of us they are robbing as much money as they can to top up the treasury…so why on earth would they want to be fair with us
    Good luck …you going to need it as am I now these people have their claws in us

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