How much do I need to earn to pay the CSA?

November 27, 2010

Firstly i would like to say as far as i can see my ex does a great job looking our two children.

It’s very hard to get across my feelings as they they would be based on fairness and unless my ex was involved in this comment then you are expected to take my word for it but, so be it.

i was raised in ireland and moved to this contry in 1991 and this is my home now.

I have a 17 year old son who is working now and although i embarrass him i have a very good relationship with him and his mum (she is a really nice person).

After we split and i found the love of my life my ex got a mortgage and bought me out and with that money we bought another house with all my money (not really important as i thought we would be together forever) and i started doing it up.

She gave birth to our beautiful twins and all was well apart from me working too much as i’d run out of money to finish the house.

All was well until one day she just left and went to her best friend and then after she had an argument with her about her moving back home she went to a women’s refuge.

i was still seeing the girls weekly and paying £40 per week and £20 for my son but she wanted more and when i looked at the CSA website i told her to go to the CSA as see would get less “how wrong i was”.

The Csa got involved and there assessment i thought was wrong so i looked it up on the net and found some websites that said never agree to anything so i did’t.

To cut a long storey a little bit shorter it got to the stage where if i payed the CSA i would not be able to pay the mortgage, gas, elec, water, etc so i didn’t pay anything.

Needless to say i lost my job and am now living on benefits payed for by the public. This could have been avoided if the CSA had taken my living expensive’s into account and who is now suffering … my children and if you look at my facebook page then you’ll see how happy they are with me and that is why maintenance should be linked to contact


  • Jason Wallace says:

    Another story of where it's the children who ultimately suffer from the antics of the CSA. The grim reality is that the CSA regulations as they stand make it almost impossible for some folk to work, even when that is what they absolutely want to do.

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    They need to modernise their calculations about how much people should pay and ability to pay as the system simply doesn't work.

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    this is my post and i'd forgotten i posted it several weeks ago

  • Kevin Cottrell says:


  • Maxine Knowles says:

    Kevin, you sound like a really lovely guy. Have you tried getting an appointment with your local MP? They have surgeries where you can get 15 mins of time with them and they can raise it to the highest level. The other internal complaints processes take so long and it often seems like they quote legislation back at you which doesn't make sense to the normal person. When you are at the end of a letter it's easy for someone to treat you like a number, but when you have a meeting in person they are more likely to treat you like a human being. If you do this, let us know how you get on xx I did this recently with Jonathan Djanogly and he is raising the problems with the system to the MP who is responsible for drafting the legislation 🙂

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    kevin i am unemployed too now due to the csa

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    Kevin – your girls on your profile are sooo cute! Have you seen Matilda? They both look kind of like that 🙂 bless them

  • Craig Bulman says:

    I have been paying my way for years now they want more I face the same thing where they are going to issue a DEO even though I have been paying. I do not have a good relationship with my ex she is a vindictive bitch – she made a false rape allegation against me in 2001. This ruined my army career, I left after serving 16 years only had another 6 to push for my pension. She got married again in 2004 in 2007 she stopped her child support claim happy days as I never saw my daughter – I stayed away because the ex is a dangerous woman.I can only think why she would stop the claim and that is maybe she has had may daughter adopted without my consent.This is the piece of shit she is she runs off with the brother in-law got pregnant by him, then she starts sleeping with another guy which she is soon to marry OMG poor bloke. She is trying to take the ex husband for everything oh and she has put a claim in to the CSA for me to start paying again. They want me to pay so much that I will not be able to pay bills council tax , food, heating, and live so I am going to hand in my notice. I have already been paying more than I can afford they are un believable and do not listen there is no common sense

  • Me says:

    I found out about my partner’s secret affair when my girl was 2yrs old, even her family knew.

    She soon ended it after this as well, i moved on and i am now married to a wonderful women, who sadly has now been made disabled, all i can say is that the CSa are heartless and cold, our own boy dresses in what i would call rags half the time as we have no money yet the CSA are taking nearly 200 a month from my pitiful wage so…….

    I have no choice but to NOT work , let the state pay for me.

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